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Quit Grinding Stumps and Start Cutting Them!

Greenteeth have three cutting edges per tooth - get 3 times the value from each tooth! Save time changing teeth and enhance productive by simply rotating to a fresh cutting surface. Rotating Greenteeth requires only a standard wrench and can be done in a few seconds, without removing the pocket. Longer cutting life from each tooth plus faster changeover = increased productivity and profit!

Greenteeth have concave "dish" cutting faces, which "shear" rather than "shred" when they cut. This makes for faster, smoother, and more efficient stump cutting.

"30 seconds to a new cutting edge!"

Greenteeth should fit on all standard cutting wheels. Installing and changing Greenteeth® is simple and fast - each tooth slots securely in place in the pocket - no need for gauges! Greenteeth truly do offer "30 seconds to a new cutting edge!"

You have the choice of "green" or "red" cutters. "Green" teeth have a shallower profile, making them more durable, especially when in rocky soil. "Red" teeth have a deeper profile, for a more aggressive cut - not recommended for rocky soils (25% or more rock).

LoPro Greenteeth®

wearsharp lo pro greenteethLoPro Greenteeth® have a slim pocket design that gives you a full 3/4" clearance between the pocket and the cut. This prevents rubbing against the stump - for reduced pocket wear and improved overall stump cutter performance. LoPro Greenteeth® come in 500, 700, and 900 series for top performance on stump cutters up to 65 hp. Wearsharp LoPro teeth are available for optimum performance.

Start cutting with LoPro Greenteeth® now!

Greenteeth® 1100 Series

wearsharp 1100 series greenteethThe 1100 series Greentooth is built for the largest stump cutting machines on the market. Wearsharp 1100-series teeth are available for optimum performance.

Improve your heavy-duty stump cutter here!


quadwheelThe Quadwheel is an evolution of the original Greenwheel that further increases stability and production. Mounting four sets of Greenteeth, the Quadwheel offers increased cutting stability, a significant reduction of wheel vibration, increased balance, and machine life.

Take your stump cutter to the next level with a Quadhweel!

Modular Guard

Modular Guard

The Stein Modular Guarding System is designed to help reduce the risk of flying debris and protect property from damage. 2022 redesign now available.

Get a the Modular Guard here

Need help upgrading your stump cutter with Greenteeth®?

The friendly customer service staff at WesSpur is happy to help you get the right setup for your stump cutter. Call us at (800) 268-2141 M-F from 7AM to 5PM, or contact us online 24/7. We will be happy to answer any questions about upgrading your machine to use Greenteeth!

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