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WesSpur Arborist Rope Splicing Kits

Why should our splicing department have all of the fun? These WesSpur rope splicing kits contain everything you need to get started with the most popular splices for the arborist industry, including tools, hardware, practice rope and instructional materials.

Tenex TEC Rope-Splicing Kit

Tenex TEC Rope-Splicing Kit


Contains tools needed to Samson Tenex TEC (Two End Carrier) 12-strand rope, one of the most useful for arborist splices, including slings and prusiks. Includes the easy-to-use Yale wire basket fid which saves time splicing hollow braid lines like Tenex with less taping. Samson splice training book has diagrams for splicing Tenex including how to do a Whoopie Sling. Contains: 25’ of Tenex TEC 1/2” for practicing, Yale wire basket fid, Samson splicing manual.

Rope Splicing Kit Components

Rope Splicing Kit Components

A. Wire Fid
B. Cleat
C. Retractable Sharpie
E. Awl

WesSpur splicing kits contain a lot of hardware and specialized tools, which are also available individually.

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