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Yale BlueMoon Climbing Rope

Yale's BlueMoon climbing line is a popular rope that we have added to our selection of climbing line. The size is 11.7mm, making it slightly thicker than other 7/16” rope such as The Fly, or Blaze. BlueMoon is light yet durable, has good hand and knotability, and runs well in hardware. Double-braid construction works well through mechanical devices.

Features: Lightweight • Double Braid • 7/16” (11.7mm) • works well in hardware • low stretch • spliceable

Yale BlueMoon Rope

15/32” x 120’
15/32” x 150’
15/32” x 200’
By the Foot

6,500 lb. average breaking strength - Weighs 6.5 lb. per 100' - Double-braid - Spliceable

Click here for more info or to order spliced rope

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