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Israeli Bandage

Israeli Bandage with Pouch Quick to apply - stops bleeding fast Stops Bleeding - Saves Lives Israeili Bandage Only
Israeli Bandage image Israeli Bandage

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Bandage w/ Pouch
Bandage Only

This is a first-aid treatment device for staunching blood flow from traumatic wounds. A true compression bandage, used by medics and first responders around the world. Consolidates the numerous, currently used treatment equipment into a single unit. Combines: Non-adherrent Pad (won't stick to wounds), Pressure Applicator (apply direct pressure), Secondary Sterile Dressing (keeps the wound area clean/ maintains pressure), Closure Bar (close and fix the bandage at any point without pins, clips, tape, Velcro, or knots). Quick and easy application / self application.

Available as a kit with the bandage pouch, which includes 4 x Malice clips for secure mounting, 2 x Long clips (vertical mount) and 2 x short (horizontal mount).

Custom-made Cordura pouch for the Israeli Emergency Compression Bandage. Velcro close can be opened one-handed in emergencies. Included Malice clips (2) can be used to attach to any gear attachment point on a saddle. Choose vertical (long clips) or horizontal mount (short clips).


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