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Tree Access ANSI ST by CAMP

Tree Access ANSI ST by CAMP Tree Access ANSI ST by CAMP
Tree Access ANSI ST by CAMP image

Tree Access ANSI ST by CAMP

Buy Tree Access ANSI ST by CAMP


Tree Access SRT Chest Harness

One Size

This is the perfect harness for climbers looking for exceptional comfort and maximum versatility. Position suspension with adjustable connection of the mobile bridges for ergonomic support. Multiple connection possibilities for organization, work, and positioning with two mobile attachment bridges, side loops on the lower bridge, and an aluminum ring on the upper bridge to name a few. Designed as part of the Tree Access system, it can be used conjunction with the Tree Access SRT Chest and the Turboknee System Ascender.

The Tree Access ANSI XT is also available and rated for fall arrest.

  • Size 1 � Weight: 114oz, Waist: 80-120cm, Legs: 50-65cm, Height: 55-75cm
  • Size 2 � Weight: 118.3oz, Waist: 90-135cm, Legs: 60-75cm, Height: 65-85cm

SRT Chest Harness: Designed to integrate seamlessly with the Tree Access ANSI ST and 2021 version of the Tree Access Evo harness, this top-level accessory chest harness is ideal for SRS maneuvers and positioning. Dedicated attachment point for Turboknee System ascender, numerous loops for secondary connections, and color differentiated padding on the shoulders. Can be rigged to work with other harnesses. Not for fall-protection. Weight: 9.4oz, Height: 55-85cm



  • Adjustable connection of the mobile bridges to the belt for adjusting position of suspension.
  • Ergonomic padding with variable thickness.
  • Low-profile STS ANSI buckles on leg loops.
  • Two mobile attachment bridges made of rope, reinforced with tubular webbing.
  • Side loops at the end of the lower bridge.
  • Aluminum alloy ring on the upper bridge.
  • Double ventral attachment point.
  • Two side rings on the belt.
  • Numerous gear loops and slots for carabiners.


  • EN 358, EN 813, ANSI Z133:2017, ASTM F887

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