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Turbo Foot Evo Ascender

Camp Turbo Right Ascender Camp Turbo Left Foot Ascender
Turbo Foot Evo Ascender image Turbo Foot Evo Ascender

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Right Foot
Left Foot

The beloved Turbofoot ascender gets an upgrade with the Turbofoot Evo from CAMP. These foot ascenders are compact and lightweight as you would expect from top-quality climbing gear, but the real exciting development is in the rollers that sit opposite the tooth cam.

These rollers increase ascending efficiency and reduce wear on your climbing lines and the ascender.itself. Can now be used in two different modes with the flick of a switch: free the cam to allow for immediate insertion and removal or lock the cam to prevent the possibility of accidental releases

The straps on the Turbo foot are easy to adjust and reinforced on the step.

Available right or left. Fits 8mm-13mm rope (up to 1/2"). Weighs 4.8oz.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Patented rollers
  • Locking or free cam with switch
  • Very lightweight
  • Made by CAMP in Italy
  • Compatible with ropes 8 -13mm (7/16" to 1/2")
  • Weight 150.3 g (5.3oz)


  • CE

ANSI Z133-2017

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has released the ANSI Z133 safety requirements which apply to arboricultural operations.

This item is ANSI compliant.

The full ANSI Z133 safety requirements are available on our tree care standards page.

Customer Reviews

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Rated: Excellent Review by: Dan Holliday

“I have been using the Camp turbofoot for a while now. A foot ascender has become a permanent fixture in my daily climbing system as it makes life so much easier with Doubled rope technique and is a must for SRT.

The main body of this ascender is forged in one piece, giving it a really strong design. It is light weight, nice and compact. The Turbo Foot Evo tends really well and just glides up the line, the design shape along with the rollers seem to help it easily advance when low to the ground, even without weight on the rope (with most ropes).

The adjustable strap that goes under the boot has a tendency to come loose as it seems to need the friction from your body weight as well as the buckle to keep it in place. This is an easy fix if you find this happens. The buckles for the strap are good but aren't as good as on the older Pantin. The spring for the cam should be stronger and you would rarely need to add a carabiner into the locking hole. I am a climber that likes a locked foot ascender so it would be good if they offered it as an option to come with a locking cam.

Conclusion: I believe the benchmark for foot ascenders has for a long time been the Petzl Pantin, but now that Petzl for some reason changed their design, this Camp TurboFoot is by far the best on the market and with a few tweaks/mods is just as good if not better.”

Employee Review by: Niceguydave

“The Camp Turbofoot presents a new option for a foot ascender at Wesspur. Camp, a well known manufacturer of alpine climbing equipment in Italy, has made an excellent foot ascender- a device commonly used in treework as a key component in a ropewalker system.

I have been using the right foot version for several months now and absolutely love it. It's nice and compact, roughly the size of the original Pantin, but the thing that really shines are the rollers on the aft part of the frame. They do an excellent job of reducing drag on ascent; on many ropes they remove the need to weight the rope or have someone hold it until you get a few feet off the ground.

I personally have always had a hard time using a foot ascender that doesn't have a lock, but the Turbofoot stays on the rope very well in a ropewalker system. When used with a floating knee ascender it has a carabiner hole that allows a micro biner to lock the cam on the rope. The geometry of the straps allows the Turbofoot to sit perfectly on the inside of the users boot. The instep portion of the strap relies on friction from the sole of the boot to keep its adjustment. On some boots the tread interferes with this, but the issue is easily fixed by a bit of tape or a stitch. The webbing is a robust flat 3/4" width, with a very secure buckle. This is the slickest foot ascender I have ever used and I am currently replacing the other ascenders in my training kits with the Camp Turbofoot. ”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Rulgert

“WesSpur really pulled through for me, on the pre-order, with a last minute change from the Right to the Left foot model, in best suit to my new climbing rig design as it evolved...the shipping was prompt as could be upon their obtaining the goods.

Though just good would be an understatement, the CAMP Turbo Foot Evo self tails right off the ground!!! Besides being lighter and smoother, imagine also erasing that initial lump of aggravation in the first few feet X every single time from the day you belt a CAMP to your ankle and call it your mainstay punt.”

Rated: Good Review by: Richie

“I have been using my Camp Turbo ascender for a couple of months now. It is very light and smooth. I climb mostly SRT with the Turbo on my right foot and a knee ascender on my left. The Turbofoot is very smooth on HTP, Platinum, and Velocity. Even though these lines are very lightweight, the ascender advances easily after a few feet.

The main drawback for me is there is no locking feature. The climb line can pop out easily unless you are careful with your foot placement. This is easily remedied with a small carabiner, but there should be a locking feature. Fumbling with an accessory 'biner down at your ankle is a pain, and I have had my groundies searching for my dropped XSRE in the sawdust when they could have been clearing or cutting brush. Overall the Turbofoot is a good quality ascender that will be used daily. I just wish they would have incorporated a locking function like the Petzl Basic has.”

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