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Connectors: Carabiners, Clips, Links & Shackles

You trust a lot to the connective elements of your climbing and rigging systems. It's important to know that the carabiners, shackles, and links that you buy are trustworthy. WesSpur only sells the quality hardware from top manufacturers. Shop with confidence.

Tree Climbing Carabiners by Brand Browse by Brand

Top-quality carabiners by Rock Exotica, Petzl, DMM, SMC, ISC, & more.

Tree Climbing Carabiners Double Locking Carabiners

Self-closing & double-locking carabiners with at least 5,000 lb. MBS.

Tree Climbing Carabiners Screw Locking Carabiners

Screw locking carabiners are perfect for rigging and setting up redirects.

Accessory Carabiners Accessory Carabiners

Non-locking carabiners, tool holders, redirect carabiners, & more.

Steel Carabiners Steel Carabiners

Strong, durable steel carabiners for climbing, rigging, & rescue.

ANSI Carabiners ANSI-Rated Carabiners

These carabiners meet the ANSI z359.1 standard for fall-arrest connections.

Saw & Tool Holders Saw & Tool Holders

Specialized connectors for haning saws and tools on your harness.

Rope Clips Rope Clips

Steel and aluminum rope clips suitable for fliplines, climbing lines, etc.

Tree clips, links, shackles Links, Shackles, and Snaps

Swivels, links, clevises and shackles have dozens of uses in tree care operations.

Carabiner Accessories Carabiner Accessories

Nylon webbing slings, corner traps, daisy chains, rollers, and other tools.

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