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Tree Rigging Books

Tree rigging is one of the most advanced areas in tree care. Learning proper rigging techniques can enhance safety and efficiency on your next job, and open up new possibilities for dealing with complicated tree work.

TCIA Best Practices for Rigging in Arboriculture - 3rd Ed.


Updated and expanded for 2021! Rigging is a key element in most tree care operations, whether it�s for removals, pruning or material handling on the ground. Basic to advanced concepts for rigging options using safe and efficient rigging in easy-to-follow steps. Includes: Rigging equipment lists, Managing rigging forces, Positive-rigging methods, Negative-rigging methods, Double-whip and double-block rigging Softcover, 144 pgs.

TCIA Best Practices for Crane Use

TCIA Best Practices for Crane Use


Combines technical info from professional crane operators and arborist who use cranes to cover fundamentals and go beyond the basics. Includes free green log weight chart. Spiral-bound, 50 pages.

Log Impact Force Calculator

Rigging Wheel

The Samson Log Impact Force Calculator (or "Rigging Wheel") is a handy tool for estimated peak loads on your Samson rigging lines in the field.

The Log Impact Force Calculator combines information from a Green Log Weight chart with the ratings for Samson Nystron or Stable Braid rope, and the length of lines in the system to help estimate peak force that will be applied in a negative-blocking situation. Operating the wheel is simple - on side A you use the wheel to find the mass for the piece of material being cut. On side B, the mass of the load found on side A is compared to a ratio of the legs of rope above and below the upper rigging block to get an estimate of the peak line tension the system will experience.

ISA Arborist Certification Guide

Arborists' Certification Study Guide 4th Edition


This fully-illustrated Fourth edition is a must-have book for ISA Certified Arborist candidates and provides a strong foundation and reference for all tree care professionals. (2022, softcover, 468 pp.)


  • Complete and up-to-date resource designed to help you prepare for the ISA Certified Arborist exam
  • Fully illustrated in color with over 440 photos and illustrations, including nearly 200 new to this edition
  • Significantly enhanced chapters on Pruning, Risk Assessment, Climbing, and Urban Forestry
  • Consistent with every BMP revision as of February 2021
  • Comprehensive glossary of arboricultural terms
  • Valuable list of additional recommended resources

Each chapter contains:

  • learning objectives
  • key terms
  • text with illustrations and photos
  • a workbook section
  • challenge questions
  • sample test questions
  • recommended resources
Rigger's Bible

The Rigger's Bible


The Rigger's Bible is a general reference guide for riggers and crane operators. Although it was written with the construction industry in mind, the concepts and data it discusses are still pertinent to the tree service industry because of the similarity between the applications. Both tree and construction riggers commonly employ the use of cranes, mechanical advantage, and similar working loads in their rigging systems. Because the principles of physics it discusses are universal, this book is an excellent resource for anybody who does heavy rigging.
144 pages, hardcover, b&w illustrations.

Tree Climbing Educational Bundle #3

Tree Climbing Educational Bundle #3: Mega-Bundle


This bundle combines both climbing topics and cutting & rigging topics for a full spectrum view of tree work.

  • Tree Climber's Companion
  • Tree Climber's Guide
  • Working Climber DVD Series 1: Access & Movement Through the Tree
  • Working Climber Series Two: Cutting and Rigging in the Tree
  • Working Climber Series Three, Part 1: Felling the Tree
  • Working Climber Series Three, Part 2: Limbing and Bucking the Tree
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