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Samson AmSteel-Blue

Looking for an easy to work with, high-strength alternative to steel cable for your winch line? Try AmSteel-Blue and see why professionals use it for their winches.

Samson AmSteel-Blue is an incredible high-strength rope made to replace steel cable in winches. AmSteel-Blue offers impressive strength but is so lightweight it will float in water. This incredible strength to weight ratio comes from AmSteel-Blue's 12 strand Dyneema SK-75 fiber construction. Amsteel is easy to splice with a class 2 12 strand splice; you can quickly splice it right in the field.

AmSteel-Blue features superior resistance to flex, fatigue, and wear. AmSteel-Blue is most commonly used by arborists and tree care companies as a winch line for the winch on the company chipper or truck. The high strength of AmSteel-Blue makes it the best choice when entire trees need to be lifted or redirected. AmSteel-Blue is available in additional sizes are available by special order.

Please note that AmSteel-Blue behaves differently than normal rope and maintains the most strength when used with a spliced termination. Tied knots may severely reduce the breaking strength of AmSteel-Blue.

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Samson AmSteel-Blue Arborist Rope

Samson AmSteel-Blue Pre-Spliced Winch Lines

5/16” x 150’
rop2as5115w Built to Order
5/16” x 200’
rop2as5120w Built to Order
3/8” x 150’
rop2as3815w Built to Order
3/8” x 200’
rop2as3820w Built to Order

AmSteel-Blue winch line with a eye spliced around a steel thimble to protect the eye. This is the perfect, lightweight tow-line for your winch. Ask about a custom winch line!

AmSteel-Blue 5/16” Rope - ABS: 13,700 lb, Weight per 100': 2.7 lb

AmSteel-Blue 3/8” Rope - ABS: 19,600 lb, Weight per 100': 3.6 lb

ABS = Average Breaking Strength

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Samson AmSteel-Blue Arborist Rope

Samson AmSteel-Blue by the Foot

5/16” Bulk
3/8” Bulk
1/2” Bulk
5/8” Bulk
3/4” Bulk

Price listed is price per foot. Enter the length you would like in the quantity box.

  • 5/16” AmSteel-Blue: 13,700 lb ABS
  • 3/8”   AmSteel-Blue: 19,600 lb ABS
  • 1/2”   AmSteel-Blue: 34,000 lb ABS
  • 5/8”   AmSteel-Blue: 52,800 lb ABS
  • 3/4”   AmSteel-Blue: 64,000 lb ABS

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Samson AmSteel-Blue Arborist Rope

Samson AmSteel-Blue Rope Hanks

5/16” x 150’
5/16” x 200’
3/8” x 150’
3/8” x 200’
1/2” x 150’
1/2” x 200’

ABS = Average Breaking Strength

  • 5/16” AmSteel-Blue: 13,700 lb ABS
  • 3/8”   AmSteel-Blue: 19,600 lb ABS
  • 1/2”   AmSteel-Blue: 34,000 lb ABS

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Samson AmSteel-Blue Arborist Rope

Samson AmSteel-Blue 600' Reel

5/16” x 600’
3/8” x 600’
1/2” x 600’

Price listed is for one 600' reel fresh from the factory. This is the most cost effective way to purchase your rope.

ABS = Average Breaking Strength

  • 5/16” AmSteel-Blue: 13,700 lb ABS
  • 3/8”   AmSteel-Blue: 19,600 lb ABS
  • 1/2”   AmSteel-Blue: 34,000 lb ABS

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blueline gusseted thimble

Blueline Thimbles

3/16” to 3/8”
7/16” to 1/2”

These thimbles are specially designed to work with the high-loads possible with AmSteel-Blue. Regular steel thimbles can be crushed under the weight applied to an AmSteel-Blue rope, so a Blueline thimble is necessary to handle the high loads.

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Arborist Rope Bag

Medium Rope Storage Bag


Stiff-walled, reinforced rope bags, are one of the best ways to protect your climbing and rigging lines and deploy them quickly. A rope bag will keep your line from tangling on twigs and sticks. Features sturdy, reinforced handles and drawstring closure to keep out debris. This is our most popular rope bag.

More rope storage options are available here .

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