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Throw line Storage

Carry, deploy, and throw your line without tangles thanks to proper line storage. Folding throw line cubes are the most popular storage method. Flake your line into the cube, and you can throw without snagging debris from the ground. When done, flake your line and collapse the cube and your line stays ready to deploy.

Line mugs are useful for carrying a throw line on your climbing harness.

Eclipse Throw Line Storage Solution


The Petzl Eclipse storage for throw line is a handy device with a huge opening for easily flaking multiple throw lines and a a double bottom allowing two throw-lines to be stored separately. The Eclipse has two attachment points to separate the rope ends and four mesh pockets to hold the throw-bags, and when empty folds up into a small circle for easy storage. When folded, fits perfectly into the Petzl Bucket rope bucket. Weighs 17 oz/ 500 g.

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Arborist Rope Bag

Falteimer Folding Throw Line Cube


The Falteimer is original folding throw line cube. Redesigned to be even sturdier, this premium cube is one of the best ways to easily store your throw line. Folds up small, but deploys quickly to a giant cube (18 inches wide) for flaking your throw line into. Durable canvas and fiberglass construction with two interior pockets. Keep your lines tangle-free and ready to throw.

Falter Throw Line Cube by Edelrid

Falter Throw Line Cube by Edelrid


The Falter takes the concept of the line cube to the next level. Like all throwline cubes, the Falter neatly contains your line and throw bags, but it is super-compact when folded - only under 8" x 5". When opened, the Falter measures 18.9” x 10” x 9.5” tall. This more rectangular shape gives a longer space for your throw line to lay out, reducing tangling. 2 inner pockets for storing throw bags, two loops for securing throw line.

Edelrid Falter overview by Niceguydave

Jubi Throw Line Cube by Treezers


The Jubi throw line cube makes storing and deploying your throw line a breeze. The Jubi cubes have reinforced edges and corners for increased durabilty and rigidity. The battens in the edges are nice and burly, and this cube won't collapse when tipped in the wind.

Jubi cubes have all the features you want to manage your throw line - two handles, 2 nylon d-rings inside for attaching lines, 2 interior pockets for weights, and 2 fabric loops at the corners for easy opening.

Arborist Rope Bag

WesSpur Throw Line Cube


This folding throw line cube quickly deploys to a 16” x 16” x 16” cube capable of organizing and storing multiple throw lines without tangling. Two small interior pockets and one large exterior pocket provide places to store throw balls. Also features a webbing loop and plastic ring on the inside, as well as Velcro strip. Handles on the outside for easy carrying, and a Velcro closure to keep it all neatly closed when you're ready to fold it down and go.

New Tribe Line Mug

Line Mug by New Tribe


This compact line mug stores up to 150' of throwline or small tools. Line pays out smoothly when you throw, and stuffs back in when you're finished. The Line mug has an external D ring at the rim for attachment to your saddle, and a swivel snap hook for clipping to your belt while stuffing line. There is an internal webbing loop for tying off the end of your throwline, and a webbing handle on the side. Drawstring closure at the top. Holds up to 150' of throwline. 5 3/4” tall by 4 1/2” in diameter. Weighs 5 oz.

Accessory Pouch

WesSpur Throw Line Pouch / Ditty Bag


This great little accessory pouch is usually sold with our arborist throw lines, but it makes a great ditty bag. A steel ring on the back attaches easily to any saddle snap. Drawstring closure keeps needles, dust, and chips out and your gear firmly in. A great bag for carrying Throw line, carabiners, or lunch. 6 3/4" tall x 5 1/4" wide. Made in the U.S.A.

Arborist Rope Bag

Weaver Throw Line Bucket


This bucket is a great way for storing multiple throw lines and weights. Perfect for competition or work climbing. Two large outside pockets, a clear pocket for labeling the contents, multiple storage pockets and line-anchor points on the inside. Sturdy canvas construction with a drawstring top, and three included line dividers.

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