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Teufelberger Tree Gear

Teufelberger ropes, harnesses, tools and climbing systems are amongst the very best. If you go to any tree climbing competition, count the number of treeMOTION harnesses you see in the comp! Teufelberger ropes, systems, and harnesses are premium tree care tools.

treeMOTION treeMOTION Harness

The treeMOTION EVO and treeMOTION S.light are two of the most popular harnesses.

Teufelberger Tools Teufelberger Rope Tools

Climbing systems, prusiks, pulleySAVERs, CElanyards, & more.

Teufelberger Climbing Rope Teufelberger Climbing Rope

Platinum, as well as Safety Blue, KMIII Max, Fly, and other ropes.

Teufelberger Rigging Rope Teufelberger Rigging Rope

Teufelberger Sirius rigging line and Nerex II ropes are both made for tree work.

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