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Greenwheel image


Order the Greenwheel for Your Stump Grinder

The Greenwheel has been replaced by the Quadwheel, and is no longer available.

Quit grinding stumps, and start cutting them!

The Greenwheel is a solid piece of cnc-machined metal which replaces your cutter wheel and transforms your stump grinder into a true stump cutter. The unique design of the Greenwheel makes for incredibly smooth and consistent stump-cutting, with virtually no jumping. The increased performance due to the Greenwheel means less wear and downtime for maintenance for your stump grinder.

Two sets of three Greenteeth are mounted on the heat-treated Greenwheel holders. These holders protect the nuts on the Greenteeth from wear. The three-abreast pattern of Greenteeth slices through stumps at an amazing pace - just check out the videos of the Greenwheel in action on the videos tab below.

The Greenwheel mounts a total of six 900-series LoPro Greenteeth and mounts with only four 3” LoPro bolts. Each Greenwheel is sold complete with teeth, bolts, and holders, though you may purchase additional teeth or bolts above.

The Greenwheel usually ships in 1-2 days.


Greenwheel: Long, Smooth, Cuts

Greenwheel: Plunge

Greenwheel on a Rayco 1631

Greenwheel Testimonials

Additional Features

  • Fast-cutting
  • Smooth-cutting
  • Reduces machine wear
  • No machine jumping
  • Reduced parts required
  • Virtually no bolt breakage
  • Replaceable pockets
  • Significant reduction of wheel vibration
Manufacturer : Green Manufacturing
Made in : U.S.A.

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