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Climber Pads & Straps

WesSpur stocks a wide range of spur climbing pads. If you are looking for comfort, we recommend the Ultra Shin Cup Pad, Cast Aluminum Pad, or Steel Cushion Wrap Pads. The Super Climber Pad (sometimes called a “Euc” or “Buck” pad) is also an excellent choice, and the Shin Cup Pads and “T” Pads perform well and come with a lower price tag.

All items are sold in pairs. Scroll down for spur climber straps.

Need help selecting the right spur pads for you? You'll want to watch the Guide to Spurs in Tree Climbing, or Contact WesSpur online or give us a call.

Spur Straps

Universal Upper Spur Straps


Nybuck spur straps are designed to fit super climber, T style, L style, Shin Cup, cast aluminum, and any pads which take an upper strap. Sold in pairs. Made by Buckingham from durable Nybuck with leather flaps. 26” long. Click here for more spur straps and accessories.

Spur Straps

Universal Lower Spur Straps


Nybuck spur straps are designed to fit Buckingham, Klein, Climb Right, or any climber with a ring to attach the split-ring to. Sold in pairs. Made from durable Nybuck with leather flaps. 26” long. Click here for more spur straps and accessories.

Spur Straps

Big Buck Pads


Buckingham Big Buck spur climbing pad combines a rigid steel insert with the extra wide padding of a super-climber, which is a great combo: the steel keeps the pad in shape and prevents the spur shank digging in, and the wide padding spreads the weight evenly. Two straps (sold separately) are need to secure the pad for a great fit.

Hydra-coll climbing pads

Hydra-Cool Pads


New climbing pads from Klein with steel insert and top-of-the-line padding. A double-layer of padding makes these super comfortable - top layer is moisture wicking and insulating, bottom layer is cushioned to absorb impact and conform to the leg. A steel insert provides additional support and protection.

Big Buck Velcro Wrap Pads

Big Buck Velcro Wrap Pads


Buckingham combined two of the most deluxe pads to create these bad boys. The comfort and added surface area of the Big Buck pad with the perfect fit of the Cushion Wrap pads. Add Drilex lining to wick sweat away and you've got one of the nicest pads ever.

Shin Cup Spur Climbing Pads

Shin Cup Pads


The Shin Cup pad is constructed of leather covering an angled steel insert which keeps the pad from deforming and the spur shank from gouging the leg. Felt padding. Great support.

Steel Support Pads

Steel Support Pads by Weaver

For Buckingham Steel
Fit for Buckalloy Alum.
For Klein Steel
For Climb Right Alum.
For Bashlin Alum.

These pads offer top-notch comfort and support with an angled steel insert, thick padding,and 4" wide hook and loop cinch strap for the ultimate fit. Leather construction with suede lining for a no-slip, comfort fit.

Spur Straps

Cast Aluminum Climber Pads

Regular Width
Narrow Width

Cast aluminum spur pads are frequently called “Cadillac Pads” around here because they are so comfortable. Very light weight, and the one-piece aluminum cast will not wear out like leather, making them a great investment. Available in regular/standard width or narrow/deep width. Foam rubber padding is replaceable.

Spur Straps

Replacement Foam Pads for Cast Aluminum Pads


Replacement foam pads for the lightweight Cast Aluminum Spur Pads shown above. An industrial spray adhesive, such as 3m Super 77 is ideal for gluing replacement foam into the cast pads.

Spur Straps

Buckingham Steel Cushion Wrap Pads

Fit for Buckingham
Fit for Bashlin
Fit for Climb Right
Fit for Klein

Steel cushion wrap pads combine the best of two worlds - a rigid steel insert keeps the shape of the pad and thick padding provides a comfortable climb. Wide Velcro strap cinches closed for a perfect fit.

Spur Straps

Buckingham Soft Cushion Wrap Pads


Soft cushion wrap pad slides onto the spur shank. Adjusts with a wide Velcro strap that cinches closed for a perfect fit. A very comfortable pad.

Ultra Light Climbing Pads

Ultra Light Climbing Pads


Climb Right's Ultra Light Pads are super-lightweight pads that offer great durability and maximum comfort. These pads feature replaceable closed foam padding, broad Velcro straps for a secure fit, and bolt directly to your spurs at an angle to prevent pad movement and minimize discomfort and chafing.

Compatible with Climb Right, Bashlin, and Buckingham spurs with included adapters.

Spur Straps

Super Climber Pads


The most comfortable pad without a steel insert. These have the same premium leather and thick felted padding of T pads, but are extra-wide and fit two straps each, for double the support and comfort. A popular choice. 1 pair.

Spur Straps

T Style Pads


This is our most popular spur pad, and a good place to start. Premium leather and thick felted wool make for a high-quality pad that beats other basic pads for comfort, without adding much weight or bulk. 1 pair.

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