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Arborist Rope Splicing Tools

Splicing arborist ropes is a fun and useful skill which allows you to make your own custom tree slings, eye splices, prusiks, and more. Below you will find everything you need to learn to splice arborist ropes. 12-strand and double braid ropes are easily spliced with the appropriate tubular aluminum fids and fid pushers. Splicing 16-strand ropes requires a bit more effort, and that's where tools like the Brion Toss splice wand really shine. If you have any questions about the tools require for rope splicing, feel free to call and our splicers can help you out.

We have created complete rope splicing kits for both 16-strand and double braid ropes. Check out our rope clearance page for discounted rope perfect for splicing project. You'll find free rope splicing instructions for Samson arborist ropes available to download.

Samson Splicing Manual

Samson Splicing Manual


This durable manual features user-friendly directions for the latest splicing techniques. A full-color Samson rope identification chart features 52 different ropes and their corresponding construction and class designation. This is one of the best splicing manuals available, and is the go-to for enthusiasts and pros alike. It has information on so many different types of splices that it benefits splicers in all fields: industrial, marine, arborist, equestrian, etc. 158 pages of 30 different splices grouped by 7 types of rope constructions. Laminated, fold-out cover.

159 pages, spiral bound, b&w illustrations.

Arborist Splicing Tools

Samson Tubular Aluminum Splicing Fids

$9 - $25 spl203m

These fids are designed to splice all Samson ropes according to their splicing instructions. Measurements are determined in “fid-lengths”, so you will want to purchase the splicing fid that corresponds to the rope diameter you are splicing. You will also want the appropriate fid pusher.

Samson 1 1/4” Aluminum Splicing Fid

Samson 1 1/4” Wire Splicing Fid


For rope sizes above 1" in diameter, Samson recommends a wire fid. Keep in mind that while the tubular fids are 100% scale for Samson's splicing instructions, the wire fids are 1/2 scale, and the length of the tool is 1/2 the actual fid length for the corresponding rope diameter.

Arborist Splicing Tools

Samson Fid Pushers

Small (1/4" - 1/2")
Large (9/16" - 1")

Samson fid pushers are used in rope splicing to push the tubular fids attached to the rope through the rope to complete the bury, and also can be used to help extract core fibers when beginning the splice. Choose the size of fid pusher corresponding to the rope diameter you want to splice. Made in the USA by Samson Ropes for use with their rope splicing instructions.

Samson Splicing Kit


Chock full of useful splicing tools. Contains one small pusher, one each of 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16”, and 1/2” aluminum fids. A great way to save money if you want to splice a wide range of ropes from 1/4” to 1/2”. The splicing tools in this kit will be useful for splicing 12-strands like Tenex as well, up to 1/2” in diameter. We recommend picking up the Splicing Manual for full instructions.

Samson Fids & Pushers Kit (7/16” to 3/4”)


This kit provides the fids and pushers needed to splice common climbing and rigging lines used in tree work. Includes Samson Small and Large Pushers, 7/16”, 1/2”, 5/8”, and 3/4” fids. These tools allow you to splice according Samson's proven rope splicing methods. You will want to also pick up some masking tape and a sharpie for marking strands.

Order this kit for the fids and pushers you need to splice the most commonly-used lines in arboriculture, and then head on over to our Samson rope splicing instructions page to download and print the free instructions you need to get started splicing, or buy the complete set of Samson rope splicing instructions in the durable Samson Splicing Manual below.

Samson Fid Kit, 1/2&Rdquo; to 1”

Samson Fid Kit, 1/2” to 1”


Fid kit contains 1/2”, 9/16”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8”, and 1” tubular aluminum fids.

Samson Splicing Kit

Samson Splice Training Kit


Contains everything needed to learn to splice double-braid ropes; including pusher, fid, instructions, and 2 lengths of double braid practice rope.

Splicing Wand by Brion Toss

Medium (Arborist): 5/16” - 1/2”

The Brion Toss Splice Wand makes splicing braided rope much easier than it is with conventional tools. Slide the tool into the rope, grab the end you want with the snare, and slide the tool out. The tip of the wand is bevelled for easy entry into the rope core without damaging or plucking fibers. The wand is best used with a bench vise, leaving you both hands free to deal with the rope. The splicing wand is the tool of choice for professionals, especially for use on 16-strands. Instructions included with each unit.

Note: Arborist wand is extra-long (42”) to more easily perform the long bury needed for spliced eyes on 16-strand arborist ropes.

Selma Splicing Fids (set of 5)

Samson Selma Splicing Fids (set of 5)


Polished stainless steel fids have a unique design with a catch on the inside, which grabs the strand and removes the need to tape the rope to the fid. These Norwegian-designed fids are popular around the world for splicing marine lines, and will work great on hollow braid 12-strand, double-braid, and 3-strand ropes.

This set of 5 Selma fids contains fids with inside diameters of 4.0, 5.5, 7.5, 10.0, and 13.0 mm. Each fid fits inside the next larger fid, making storage convenient and compact.

Yale Compact Splicer Kit

Yale Compact Splicer Kit


Packed full of professional tools most useful for arborist ropes. This compact splicer kit from Yale will get you splicing your own prusiks and climb lines.

  • Anodized aluminum fids: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16"
  • Stainless steel needles (3): Sizes A & B
  • Small Swedish fid
  • Fid measurement chart
Yale Wire Basket Fid

Yale Wire Basket Fid


This new fid from Yale is designed to make splicing 12-strand hollow braids like Tenex and AmSteel-Blue a snap. The wire basket on the fid works just like a Chinese finger trap: use your fingers to bunch up the wire basket, then slide the rope end in and pull. The basket closes on the rope, allowing you to easily complete the splice and bury. When done, simply bunch up the wire, and remove the rope. A great time-saver for anyone splicing 12-strand hollow braids up to 5/8” diameter.

 Stainless Splicing Fids - 1/8” - 1/2”

Stainless Splicing Fids

1/8” - 1/2”
1/2” +

Stainless steel splicing fids with hardwood handles for splicing 3-strand ropes such as Samson Pro-Master.

picture of Japanese Marlin Spike

Japanese Marlin Spike


6" marlin spike with oak handle.

Marlow Wire Splicing Needle

Marlow Wire Splicing Needle


Marlow's stainless steel wire loop on 3mm Excel Pro cord makes a great tool for easy pulling when splicing small cords. As with the New England Fids, the Marlow Wire is great for tight crossovers and is a nice, minimal wire fid for people who don't want to use the piano wire/clamp method.

picture of Whipping Twine by Marlow

Whipping Twine by Marlow

No. 4 (.8mm) - Blue
No. 8 (1.1mm)- White

Marlow's Wax Polyester Whipping Twine is widely regarded as the best whipping twine on the market and is a best-seller all over the world. Available in 4 sizes and a variety of colours (no.4 only). The waxed finish makes for easier whipping and a better finish.

Sailmaker Needle

Sailmaker’ Needles

Small (2.75")
Large (3.5")

These high-quality steel needles can be used for lock-stiching or whip-stitching a splice in larger ropes. Ideal for working on Tenex or large diameter double-braid splices.

The larger of the two sailmakers' needles can be used similarly to a Marlin Spike to extract the core of a rope in a pinch, but over time is not an ideal substitute.

24-Strand Needle

24-Strand Splicing Needle


Hand-sewing needle for use in splicing 24-strand lines. 2.25" length.

Size C Splicing Needle by Yale

Size C Splicing Needle by Yale


Size C Splicing Needle by Yale Cordage.

Sailmaker Palm

Sailmaker’s Palm

Right Hand

Leather palm slips over the hand and puts the metal socket in the middle of the palm, so that this can protect the hand when the palm is used to push needles through a splice. Right and left hand versions.

Banding Tool

Banding Tool

Banding Tool Only
100 Bands

These bands have been re-purposed from their veterinary use to make a captive, tight-eye on our 5" eye-splices. This helps keep the carabiner properly positioned. They can also be used to make speedline slings by keeping nylon runners properly positioned on an oval carabiner. Use the banding tool to quickly apply a band to make any loop or eye a captive eye.

Wire Fid

Wire Fid


Wire fid aids in splicing double-braid ropes.

Rope Splicing Kit Components

Rope Splicing Kit Components

A. Wire Fid
B. Cleat
C. Retractable Sharpie
E. Awl

WesSpur splicing kits contain a lot of hardware and specialized tools, which are also available individually.

Rope Thimbles

Round Plastic Rope Thimbles


Thimbles preserve more of the breaking strength of a rope when used with a knot or an eye splice by maintaining a large bend radius and protecting the rope.

Rope Thimbles

Teardrop Plastic Rope Thimbles


Thimbles preserve more of the breaking strength of a rope when used with a knot or an eye splice by maintaining a large bend radius and protecting the rope.


1/2" Nylon Teardrop Thimble with Ears


Nylon thimble for fiber ropes from 11 -13mm (7/16" - 1/2").

Plastic Hi-Wall Thimble

Plastic Hi-Wall Thimble

7/16" - 1/2"

This plastic thimble has high sides to help it stay in place inside a spliced eye, with open edges to allow removal (tools required) after splicing if needed. Fits rope from 7/16" to 1/2". Not recommended for heavy-duty needs/rigging applications.

Rope Thimbles

Teardrop Metal Rope Thimbles


Thimbles preserve more of the breaking strength of a rope when used with a knot or an eye splice by maintaining a large bend radius and protecting the rope.

DMM Steel Thimbles

DMM Steel Thimbles


Thimbles preserve more of the breaking strength of a rope when used with a knot or an eye splice by maintaining a large bend radius and protecting the rope. These steel thimbles from DMM are compatible with wire or textile ropes, have open-sided rope channels to allow for easy rope inspection.

DMM Steel Thimble with Tab

DMM Steel Thimble with Tab


These stainless steel thimbles from DMM are compatible with wire or textile ropes and have open-sided rope channels to allow for easy rope inspection. The added tab in the eye makes this thimble useful in constructing friction savers, as it gives the retrieval ball something to catch on.

Tenex Tec

Tenex Tec

3/8” - 6,100 lb ABS
1/2” - 13,100 lb ABS
5/8” - 18,800 lb ABS
3/4” - 24,800 lb ABS
1” - 44,500 lb ABS

Tenex Tec (Two-End-Carrier) is a high-strength, low-stretch rope ideal for splicing slings. The two-ends per carrier construction gives more allows Tenex Tec to conform more to the surface of the tree than standard single-braid ropes, giving it better grip. Tenex Tech is Samthane-coated for enhanced wear life. Easily to splice.

Stable Braid - Uncoated

Stable Braid - Uncoated

1/2" - 10,400 lb ABS

Stable Braid is an all-polyester double-braid rigging line which is a standard in tree rigging. Uncoated Stable Braid is left untreated with Samthane (a coating which enhances wear-resistance) so it is softer to the hand than coated Stable Braid. Uncoated Stable Braid is often used by folks making custom animals leads, and it is fine for rigging.

Samson Pro-Master

Samson Pro-Master

3/8” - 3,200 lb ABS
1/2” - 5,700 lb ABS
5/8” - 7,700 lb ABS
3/4” - 10,000 lb ABS

Pro-Master is a soft-lay 3-strand rope which is super easy to splice, making it a popular material for all manner of slings, leads, tool tethers, and other rope tools.

Chafe Sleeve (bulk)

Chafe Sleeve (bulk)

.5” Inner Diameter
1” Inner Diameter
1.5” Inner Diameter

Nylon chafe sleeve for the protection of arborist ropes and slings. You may order chafe sleeve by the foot here for your own spliced products, or request it on any spliced product we make that will fit the sleeve. Often used to reinforce spliced eyes or as a movable chafe sleeve on fliplines, winch lines, etc.

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