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Sterling Rope Webbing Products

Sterling Rope manufactures superior Nylon webbing and Nylon webbing products. At WesSpur, we use the Sterling 1” Tech Tape to create strong, lightweight nylon runners. Tech Tape is available in bulk for your own creations.

1” Flat Nylon Slings

1” x 4' Sling
1” x 6' Sling
1” x 8' Sling
1” x 10' Sling

1” flat nylon slings are sewn from high-strength woven nylon to produce a loop sling that is compact and lightweight while being nearly twice the strength of a tubular nylon runner. These flat slings make excellent anchor straps.

MBS: 10,116 lb (45kN)



BARC Either stands for “Big A** Rigging Chain” or “Basal Anchor Rigging Chain” - take your pick! Building on the popularity of Sterling's Chain Reactors, the BARC is made from 1" nylon webbing sewn into individual full-strength loops for an adjustable and incredibly strong chain. Designed for use as a basal anchor with your Port-a-Wrap or other device, the BARC can also accommodate your rigging block aloft.

1” Type 9800  Nylon Webbing by Sterling

1” Type 9800 Nylon Webbing by Sterling

Red, by the Foot
Yellow, by the Foot

Type 9800 webbing is a flat, woven nylon webbing that is abrasion resistant and offers a high tensile strength. The increased strength is often preferred in harsh or abrasive environments for anchor building, hauling or making harnesses. Because Type 9800 is woven solid as opposed to a tubular webbing, it can be more difficult to handle. Sold by the foot. Made by Sterling Rope Company in the USA.

MBS 9,800 lb.

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