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Tree Climbing Harnesses and Saddles

Your tree climbing harness is your home in the tree, and the single biggest factor in your comfort in the canopy. WesSpur recommends getting the best harness in your budget. Our friendly sales reps and staff arborist can help find the best harness for you. All our harnesses are from top brands, so you can shop with confidence.

Need help making a choice? Check out our video guide to choosing an arborist harness.

Cutting Edge Harnesses Cutting Edge Harnesses

These unique harnesses are top-of-the line and some of the most popular we offer.

Includes treeMotion, Sequioa SRT, Ergo Pro, and more...

modern Harnesses Modern Harnesses

Modern, professional tree climbing harnesses.

Includes the Astro Sit, Spartan, Tree Access, and more...

traditional Harnesses Traditional Harnesses

Old-school harnesses that maybe heavier and bulkier, but still get the job done.

Includes Buckingham Economy line, Master series, and more...

Fall Protection Harness Fall Protection Harnesses

Full-body and add-on fall protection harnesses.

Tree Climbing Harness Brands logos Harnesses by Brand

Shop harness from your favorite brands and manufacturers.

See harness from Teufelberger, Petzl, Buckingham, & more.

Recreational Harnesses Recreational Harnesses

Recreational climbers need safe, comfortable, streamlined harnesses.

New Tribe makes the best saddles for reacreational tree climbing.

Chest Harnesses Chest Harnesses

SRS chest boxes, shoulder straps, work suspenders, & more.

replacement harness bridges Replacement Bridges

Make sure you have a spare bridge on hand. Climb safely.

Kids Tree Climbing Harness Kids’ Saddles & Harnesses

Share your love of climbing with the next generation.

Tree Saddle Saw Straps & Accessoies Saw Straps & Accessories

Harness tool pouches, saw & tool straps, & more.

Picture of saw holder for tree harness Saw & Tool Holders

Shop for saw and tool holders for your harness, like the Buckcarrier, TransPORTER, Vault, and more.

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