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New Tribe Climbing Saddles

New Tribe saddles are carefully built for life-safety performance. They have been tested and meet ANSI A10.14-1991 standard, Class I harness for fall arrest/restraint, and Class II work positioning.

New Tribe saddles are made in the U.S.A., and built to last.

New Tribe Tree Harness Sizing

Click for New Tribe Harness Sizes

New Tribe Basic Harness

New Tribe Basic Harness


The world's first ever recreational tree climbing saddle, New Tribe's lightweight, comfortable favorite for over 30 years. Made to the same safety standards as professional saddles. Life-safety system is made with 6000 lb parachute webbing and 7500 lb forged steel D ring. Comes with galvanized steel Delta Screw Link for closure. Weighs 2 lb.

New Tribe Onyx Rope Bridge Harness

Size 1
Size 2

The Onyx is a compact harness that provides support by improving the construction and design of the harness so the weight is distributed more evenly, thanks to the unique webbing pattern on the leg loops. The hang point on the Onyx is fully adjustable, with adjustment on the waist to rigging plates, rigging plates to leg loops, and from the back of the harness to the leg loops. The harness provides comfort without added bulk.

WesSpur stocks the Onyx with rigging plates and rope bridge, and the harness is also available with a webbing bridge. Conversion kits are available to convert the harness between the two.

Click here for Onyx with webbing bridge or conversion kits.

Onyx harness sizing: Size 1 (waist 26” to 37”), Size 2 (waist 35” to 46”).

The Onyx weighs under 5 pounds and is designed for professional use.

New Tribe Tengu Tree Harness

New Tribe Tengu Harness


This “ultra-light” Harness is designed to be light and comfortable without sacrificing safety. The belt pad and leg pads on the Tengu are work-Harness shape and provide great support without restricting movement. The side D rings on the belt and the sliding D ring on the leg strap bridge are “soft” Ds that trim the weight, yet retain the strength of the Harness. Harness includes three soft gear loops, one on each side and one at the back, a carabiner loop behind each side gear loop, soft side Ds, two gaps on the belt webbing that can carry additional carabiners.

The leg straps have quick-release buckles, two accessory loops, one on each leg strap, (these little loops keep whatever you put there within easy reach.) These straps are now adjustable to accommodate a wide range of users. The soft floating D on the leg strap bridge glides smoothly when you shift from one side to the other. If you place the apex of your Delta Screw Link into the floating D it grabs the Delta tighter to prevent it from rotating as you climb.

New Tribe Twist Harness

New Tribe Twist Harness

Standard Size

Updated version of New Tribe's Basic rec climbing Harness with adjustability. One size fits SM-LG users up to 225 lb, making this the perfect choice for rec climbing groups, adventure climbing hosts, etc. One snap hook, two carabiner loops, accessory ring, and two slots for gear bags and carabiners provide plenty of places to carry gear. The large teardrop leg pads make it comfortable to hang in. A great choice for recreational climbers! Weighs 2 lb.

The Standard Size Twist fits users up to 225 lb.

New Tribe Line Mug

New Tribe Line Mug


This compact line mug stores up to 150' of throwline or small tools. Line pays out smoothly when you throw, and stuffs back in when you're finished. The Line mug has an external D ring at the rim for attachment to your saddle, and a swivel snap hook for clipping to your belt while stuffing line. There is an internal webbing loop for tying off the end of your throwline, and a webbing handle on the side. Drawstring closure at the top. Holds up to 150' of throwline. 5 3/4” tall by 4 1/2” in diameter. Weighs 5 oz.

Arborist Gear Bag

Climb Bucket without Zipper

Non-Zipper Pouch

8” x 11” x 2” Handy open pouch with ring for attachment to saddle.

Arborist Gear Bag

Climb Bucket with Zipper

Zippered Pouch

6” x 10” x 2 1/2” with loop on back.

New Tribe Kids' Twist Harness

One Size

The Twist adds adjustability to the safety and comfort features that New Tribe has built into their rec saddles for years. This Harness is one-size-fits-all for children of all ages. The old Basic Kids' Harness was great for kids starting at about age 5, but not so good for anyone younger or smaller than that. The maximum adjustment on the Kids' Twist overlaps the minimum adjustment on the Adults', so everybody is covered!

See more tree climbing gear for kids.

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