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Rope Tools and Rope Care Supplies

Your climbing line is an important tool which carries your life on it every day - take care of it! Not only will you want to store and transport it an arborist rope bag, but you'll want to keep it clean and dry, and give it the occasional wash! Arborist ropes should never be cleaned with chemicals, abrasives, or anything which may damage the integrity of the rope fibers - use Rope Soap instead. We also have colored electrical tape, rope-sealer, and an electric rope cutter to help seal rope ends.

Wicked Good Rope Wash

Wicked Good Rope Wash

Single Use (1 oz)
Box of 20

Sterling Rope's Wicked Good Rope Wash gives used ropes new life. Ridding your rope of dirt and grime restores rope performance and handling. Wicked Good Rope Wash is made in the U.S.A. and contains no bleach, phosphate, fabric softener, brightener, or scent, so it leaves no residue that could be detrimental to rope performance. For use on dynamic and static ropes. Available in single-use packet or box of 20 packets.

Rope Washing Bag

Rope Washing Bag

One Size

This bag keeps your rope together for washing in front-loading machines. Mesh construction allows the water and soap to get to your rope while keep the rope from becoming an unmanageable tangle.

Sap Zaprrr


Sap Zaprrr deasl with the Arborist's nightmare of tree sap coating clothes, equipment, and skin. Sap Zaprr is a 100% biodegradable, all-natural-derived product that softens and dissolves and kin of sap or sticky deposits that cause problems. It is safe for use on skin, clothing, and gear.

Adhesive-Lined Shrink Tubing

3:1 Adhesive-Lined Shrink Tubing

3/4” by the Foot
1” by the Foot
1.5” by the Foot

3:1 adhesive heat-shrink tubing is top-quality protection for your finished splices. Shrinks as far down as 1/3 of original size when heated. Use 3/4" for prusiks, 1" for 7/16" - 1/2" lines, and 1.5" for larger lines. Sold by the foot.

Whip Dip Rope End Sealer

Dip-It Whip-It rope End Sealer

Red Sealer

Liquid rope whipping is easy to use and neatly seals rope ends. Works on polyester, nylon, Dacron, and manila ropes. Available in green or red for easy rope marking. 4oz./118 ml.

Electrical Tape is a quick method for finishing rope ends

Electrical Tape


Quickly and easily finish rope ends by taping a band around the rope, then making your cut through the tape. You'll see many ropes coming from the manufacturer with their ends finished with tape. A fast and inexpensive method.

Banding Tool

Banding Tool

Banding Tool w/ 100 Bands
Banding Tool Only
100 Bands

These bands have been re-purposed from their veterinary use to make a captive, tight-eye on our 5" eye-splices. This helps keep the carabiner properly positioned. They can also be used to make speedline slings by keeping nylon runners properly positioned on an oval carabiner. Use the banding tool to quickly apply a band to make any loop or eye a captive eye.

Electric Rope Cutter

The Electric Rope Cutter II

Rope Cutter
Extra Blade

Quickly slice through synthetic ropes with this electric rope cutter. Blade heats up in about a minute. Pressing any synthetic rope and rotating slowly results in a fast, smooth cut with ends that seal as you go. Some assembly required. Instructions included in English and French. Plugs into standard 120 volt outlet.

Use only with sufficient ventilation and do not touch blade while in use!

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