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Samson True Blue Climbing Rope

True Blue has been the rope of choice for many climbers for a long time. Its supple pliability makes it a pleasure to work with when using friction hitches such as the Tautline and Blake's hitch. Made from 100% polyester, True Blue is a 12-strand single braid, which makes it strong (7,300 lb), low stretch (1.02 % at 200 lb.), and abrasion resistant. Its bright blue color makes it highly visible in the tree. Samson True Blue is one of the most pliable and flexible ropes we sell, and is also quite strong. True Blue is not hand-spliceable, but is now available with Viking sewn splice.

Features: 12 strand • Full 1/2” Abrasion Resistant • Maximum Wear Life • Very Supple • Holds knots well • Good visibility • Low Stretch • Not Spliceable

True Blue Rope

1/2” x 120’
1/2” x 150’
1/2” x 200’

7,300 lb. breaking strength - Weighs 8.8 lb. per 100’ - 12-strand - Non-Spliceable

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