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Arborist Rigging Rope

When you are rigging down tree limbs or chunking down a tree, you may have loads weighing several hundred pounds exerting thousands of pounds of force on your rigging rope. A strong, reliable line is crucial, and we stock a wide range of high-quality tree rigging ropes so that you can find exactly the right bull line for your job. Need advice on selecting the right rigging rope? Feel free to contact us online or call for a recommendation.

Never mix your personal climbing rope and your rigging rope!

**Reels of rope are charged a flat shipping fee in the continental US. Spools of rope up to 9/16" ship for $25 in areas covered by our free shipping offer. Spools of rope 5/8” and larger ship for $50 in these areas. Regular shipping rates apply in other areas.

Please note that all rope measurements from the manufacturer are plus or minus 5%.

ropes by brand Browse rigging ropes by brand
Samson AmSteel-Blue AmSteel-Blue

12-strand, super-light, cable-replacing Samson winch line.

Arbor-Plex Rigging Rope Arbor-Plex

12-strand, Samson rigging line is durable and resists snagging.

Atlas Bull Rope Atlas Bull Rope

Double-braid, Sterling rope built for maximum shock absorption.

Yale Double Esterlon Double Esterlon

Double-braid, Yale rigging line is high-strength and low stretch.

ECW EverKwik-12 (EK-12) EverKwik-12 (EK-12)

12-strand, easy-to-splice, affordable rigging line.

Samson Nystron Rigging Rope Nystron

Double-braid, Samson rigging line with increased energy absorption.

Yale Polydyne Rigging Rope Polydyne

Double-braid, Yale rigging line with added energy absorption.

Samson Pro-Master Rope Pro-Master

3-strand, Samson rigging line; inexpensive and easy to handle.

Samson Tree Master Tree Master

3-strand, hard-lay Samson rigging line; super-strong and durable.

Sirius Bull Rope Sirius Bull Rope

Double-braid, Teufelberger rigging rope with built-in overload indicators.

Samson Stable Braid Rigging Rope Stable Braid

Double-braid, Samson rigging rope; premium, best-selling rigging line.

Samson Tenex Single Carrier Tenex Single Carrier

12-strand, easily-spliced Samson rope for winch lines.

Samson Tenex Tec Tenex Tec

12-strand, easily-spliced Samson rope is the go-to rope for rigging slings.

Rigging Kits Tree Rigging Kits

Rope, slings, block and Port-A-Wrap III for a ready to go rigging solution.

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