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Yale Blaze & Bandit 7/16" Climbing Rope

Yale's Blaze and is a super-lightweight, double-braid climbing ropes from one of the top manufacturer's of Arborist Rope. Yale Blaze has become one of our most popular light-weight arborist lines. Blaze is a 24 strand 11mm (7/16”) spliceable braid that is very easy to see in the tree and handles great. Excellent for long climbs where the weight of your line really matters. This rope has a breaking strength of 5,600 lb. which is the standard requirement for a life-support line in the arborist industry. Blaze weighs 6lb. per 100'.

Features: Lightweight • High-visibility • Double Braid • 716”(11mm) • works well in hardware • maintains flexibility • spliceable

Yale Blaze Climbing Rope

7/16” x 120’
7/16” x 150’
7/16” x 200’
By the Foot

5,600 lb. average breaking strength - Weighs 6 lb. per 100' - Double Braid - Spliceable

Click here for more info or to order spliced rope

Arborist Rope Bag

Medium Rope Storage Bag

Medium Bag

Stiff-walled, reinforced rope bags, are one of the best ways to protect your climbing and rigging lines and deploy them quickly. A rope bag will keep your line from tangling on twigs and sticks. Features sturdy, reinforced handles and drawstring closure to keep out debris. This is our most popular rope bag. Medium rope bag fits 150' of 1/2" rope.

More rope storage options are available here .

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