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DMM Hardware

DMM makes a range of rigging plates, swivels, and other hardware for your arbor climbing and rigging systems.

DMM X-Small Bat Rigging Plate

DMM X-Small Bat Rigging Plate


This super-compact rigging plate from DMM packs a 36 kN strength and 4 rigging holes into a tiny plate less than 2 1/2" on a side and weight only 1.3 oz!

DMM Rigging Hub

DMM Rigging Hub


These rings work well with carabiners or slings and rope attachments. Slots on Hub rated at 10,125 lb (45 kN). Inner ring rated at 18,000 lb (80 kN) on small, 33,750 lb (150 kN) on large ring. Made in the U.K.

DMM Anchor Rings

DMM Anchor Rings


Simple and functional way to multiply anchor points. Aluminum. Made in the U.K. Minimum breaking strength: 6,750 lb (30 kN).

DMM Focus Swivel

DMM Focus Swivel


The Focus is a directly connectable swivel that features both swivel and shackle attachments to give you increased connection options. Available with small or large shackles. The small D-shaped shackle of the Focus S allows for accurate configuration of connectors, while the bow-shaped design of the large shackle on the Focus L eliminates cross loading issues and allows multiple attachment points, ideal for complex rigging setups. Info sheet.

Focus S: Tensile strength - 26kN, WLL - 3kN, weighs 63g.

Focus L: Tensile strength - 26kN, WLL - 3kN, weighs 70g.

DMM Focus Shackle

DMM Focus Shackle

Small - D Shape
Large - Bow Shape

The modular shackles from the Focus swivel are available as stand-alone items.

Info sheet.

DMM Prest-In Thimble

DMM Prest-In Thimble


The Prest-in is a polymer insert designed for use with the Compact Swivel range and provides a flexible friction interface between the Compact Swivel and a connector. This minimises any movement and so optimises the configuration.

DMM Nexus Swivel

Nexus 1
Nexus 2
Nexus 3

The Nexus range is a modular, directly connectable swivel system that delivers maximum freedom of movement to and from the device. Shackles can be swapped out at either end to give you a huge range of connection options to cater to the requirements of almost any torsion management scenario. The shackles themselves are connected by a high performance swivel that allows efficient torsion management.

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DMM Nexus Swivels

DMM Mini Swivel

DMM Mini Swivel


DMM's new mini swivel is perfect for any place you want a highly-efficient swivel with minimal bulk. Use it for your climbing connection and never deal with twisting lines. Engineered to achieve high strengths and outstanding functionality using CNC'd components. Internally a high quality bearing ensures smooth and reliable rotation.

26 kN (5,844.8 lb) Tensile Strength, 3 kN WLL, weighs 47 g (1.65 oz).

DMM Axis Swivel (Large and Small)

DMM Axis Swivel

Small - 36 kN MBS
Large - 50 kN MBS

The super-sleek DMM Axis Swivel combines impressive strength, smooth operation, and rope-friendly surfaces to make a great rigging swivel. The large openings easily accommodate multiple attachments. Two sizes are available to accommodate many different rigging scenarios. Anodized aluminum body with stainless steel axles and high-quality ball bearings.

Small weighs 4oz and has a 36kN MBS; Large weighs 6.5oz and has a 50 kN MBS.

DMM Steel Thimbles

DMM Steel Thimble


Thimbles preserve more of the breaking strength of a rope when used with a knot or an eye splice by maintaining a large bend radius and protecting the rope. These steel thimbles from DMM are compatible with wire or textile ropes, have open-sided rope channels to allow for easy rope inspection.

DMM Steel Thimble with Tab

DMM Steel Thimble with Tab


These stainless steel thimbles from DMM are compatible with wire or textile ropes and have open-sided rope channels to allow for easy rope inspection. The added tab in the eye makes this thimble useful in constructing friction savers, as it gives the retrieval ball something to catch on.

DMM Grommet Thimble

DMM Grommet Thimble


The Grommet is a polymer insert designed to fit in devices and provide a flexible friction interface between the device and a connector. This minimizes the any movement and so optimizes the configuration. The Grommet fits perfectly in any of the 16mm attachment holes of the DMM Triple Attachment/Hitch Climber pulley.

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