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DMM Arborist Blocks

DMM has manufactured top-quality climbing and rigging gear for the climbing and industrial user for many years, and recently broke into the world of professional arborist rigging with the incredibly strong Impact Block. DMM products are manufactured in Wales, UK, to top specifications.

DMM Impact Blocks

DMM 5/8" Impact Block

5/8” Block
5/8” Block and 5/8” Loopie Sling

DMM's new blocks are designed specifically for the high-impacts of tree rigging & removal. The combination of high quality materials and advanced production processes has ensured a rope friendly, durable and robust product. During design each Impact Block has gone through a thorough dynamic and static testing regime, the end result is a highly functional product with an impressive strength to weight ratio.

45,000 lb MBS. Weighs 4 lb.

DMM 3/4" Impact Block

3/4” Block
3/4” Block and 3/4” Loopie Sling

The 3/4” DMM Impact Block is unparalleled in strength and quality of design. The block is designed to be rope-friendly on all surfaces and accommodates 3/4” rigging ropes on a wide sheave. The large DMM Impact Block is an investment in the ultimate in strength and function.

67,500 lb MBS. Weighs 7 lb 10 oz.

Video product overview of the DMM Impact Block by Niceguydave.

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