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Arborist Slide Line / Speed Line Kits

Slide lines are a great way to move branches from the tree to the designated landing zone quickly and efficiently. Often the area directly below the tree being pruned will be unavailable as a drop zone. By setting up a speed line you can preserve the area below the tree and still get the job done quickly.

Slide Line (Speed Line) Sling 5 Pack

Slide Line (Speed Line) Slings


Packs of pre-assembled slide line / speed line slings. These 1” nylon slings are kept in place on the SMC oval carabiners by Fast Rubber sling keepers for an easy-to use speed line sling. The SMC ovals have a wide mouth and are the perfect size for speedlining. ABS: 4,500 lbs.

The 5-pack comes with 3 x 36” slings, 2 x 24” slings.

The 10-pack comes with 6 x 36” slings, 4 x 24” slings.

Individual Slide Line (Speed Line) Slings

Individual Slide Line (Speed Line) Slings


Our sideline/speedline slings are constructed from sewn 1” tubular Tech Tape webbing on SMC oval non-locking aluminum carabiners. Each sling is pre-assembled with a rubber sling keeper to keep the carabiner correctly positioned. Sold individually. Sling color may vary.

Speed Line Kit

Speed Line Kit


All the gear needed to speed line branches from the tree to the landing zone. Speed lining pieces out of a tree along a diagonal, tensioned rope can be a handy way to replace straight-down lowering on some jobs. Speed lining pieces directly to the chipper truck can save time, effort, and protect the area at the base of the tree. Kit contains plenty of slings, a rope, a set of pulleys to tension the line, and Loopie to anchor the system.

    Kit Contains:
  • 150' Sterling HTP Static 7/16" (HT7115)
  • 5/8" Loopie Sling (SLI403)
  • 2 x RockO Auto Lock Carabiners
  • 2 SMC Micro PMP Pulleys
  • 2 Sterling RIT Bound Loop Prusiks
  • Conterra Rigging Bag (BAG241)
  • 10 speedline slings: 36" nylon runners x 6 (SLI903), 48" nylon runners x 4 (SLI904), SMC Oval Carabiners x 10 (CAR315), Fast Rubber Sling Keepers x 10 (HAR905)
Vertical Slide Line Slings

Vertical Slide Line Slings


1" flat nylon slings are kept captive on SMC oval carabiners with heavy-duty rubber bands. Perfect for VSL operations.

Vertical Slide Line Kit

Vertical Slide Line Kit


This kit provides a good selection of gear for setting up a Vertical slide line kit and keeping your rounds in the target zone. The Crosby shackle attaches at the bases of the tree with the dead eye sling to anchor the Pro-Master rope and form the base of the VSL. Rounds can then be sent down the line attached to the VSL slings and kept from leaving the drop zone.

    Kit contains:
  • 150' of Pro-Master 5/8" Rope
  • 15' Tenex Tec 1/2" Eye Sling
  • 3/4" Crosby Shackle
  • 1 x 72" (6') Flat 1" Nylon Slings
  • 2 x 120" (10') Flat 1" Nylon Slings
  • 3 x SMC Oval Carabiners
  • 3 x Fast Rubber Sling Keepers

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