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Rigging Plates

DMM X-Small Bat Rigging Plate

Bat X-small Rigging Plate by DMM


This super-compact rigging plate from DMM packs a 36 kN strength and 4 rigging holes into a tiny plate less than 2 1/2" on a side and weight only 1.3 oz!

ISC Halo Rigging Plate

Halo Rigging Plate by ISC

Small - 40 kN
Medium - 50 kN
Large - 70 kN

HALO Rigging Plates are machined from superior grade Aluminium. HALO Plates feature a central hole, surrounded by six equi-spaced apertures, each of which is capable of accommodating multiple Karabiner connections. This allows the user multiple loading options. All holes have radiused edges, to reduce rope/webbing wear and also to reduce wear from loads which are applied by carabiners.

NFPA 1983 G, CE.

Petzl Paw Rigging Plate

Maxi Rigging Plate by CMI


CMI Maxi Rigging Plates are constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and finished in iridescent purple for instant recognition. Each plate contains one 1.25” anchor hole, eleven 0.75” diameter rigging holes, and one 0.8”x3” slot for rigging anchor straps. The eleven hole design allows for center loading making it useful for stretcher operations. NFPA Compliant.

Size: 9.5” x 4.75” (24cm x 12cm), Weight: 17.6oz (500g), Breaking Strength: 14,000 lb. Made in the U.S.A.

SMC Mini Rigging Plate

Mini Rigging Plate by SMC


Strong, light, and versatile! designed for use as the collection point for multiple anchors and/or rigging points. The two main holes can also be used as a belay device. Each hole is sized and shaped to facilitate rigging with locking rescue carabiners. 36 kN. Meets NFPA, ANSI Z359. Made in the U.S.A.

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Neptune Rigging Hub by CMI


The Neptune Rigging Hub is an all-purpose rigging tool, coming in at only 4 inches tall, crafted from 7075 air craft grade aluminum. This plate can be used for just about anything you can think up. Create a floating tie in, run rope through the middle hole just like a rigging ring, pull with it. Multiple possibilities.

The Neptune Rigging Hub was designed by Gerry Garcia.

MBS: 9,000 lb • weighs 0.80lbs

Paw Rigging Plates by Petzl


Organize your workstation and set up multi-anchor systems with the forged aluminum PAW rigging plate. The hole design allows ropes or slings to be threaded for direct connection, and the main attachment hole accepts up to three carabiners. The odd number of attachment holes enables the system to be centered and balanced.

DMM Rigging Hub

Rigging Hub by DMM


These rings work well with carabiners or slings and rope attachments. Slots on Hub rated at 10,125 lb (45 kN). Inner ring rated at 18,000 lb (80 kN) on small, 33,750 lb (150 kN) on large ring. Made in the U.K.

rockStar 3D Rigging Plate

rockStar 3D Rigging Plate


The rockStar is the latest in 3-D rigging technology. Machined from a solid block of 7075 aerospace alloy, it's light and compact enough to take with you wherever you need it, and at 36 kN, it's strong enough to handle a tough day at work. Weighs 7.4 oz, breaking strength 8,100 lb.

Stein Tree Angel Rigging Plate

Tree Angel Rigging Plate by Stein


The Tree Angel rigging plate was designed in Japan to act as a quick and versatile connection system between your rigging lines and your slings. This device is ideal for multi-limb lowering on zip lines. Anodised aluminum body, MBS 60 kN. Weighs 420 g.

Conterra Hitch-Plate

Hitch-Plate by Conterra


The Conterra Hitch-Plate provides an anchor point wherever you can place your vehicle. The Hitch-Plate? is beautifully made and wicked strong. It is CNC machined entirely from billet aluminum in Conterra's ISO 9001 certified fab shop. It sports five large rigging holes and will fit in any 2" vehicle receiver. (Please check and make sure that your receiver is 2.00 inches) It has an ingenious system that keeps the pin and cotter attached to the device so that they can't be lost. It comes with it's own padded Ballistics nylon case with grab handle and hang loop.

Meets NFPA Standard 1983 (2012 ed.) and is UL certified. Rated for General Use (G) MBS 50 kN.

(For rope rescue only. Not for vehicle recovery or towing.)

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