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Log Handling Equipment

Logrite tools are the best log handling tools available. The aluminum handles of Logrite cant hooks, peaveys, and other tools are lighter and strong than wood-handled tools. Every Logrite cant hook, peavey, or hookaroon is made right here in the USA.

Cant Hook

Cant Hooks by Logrite

60” Handle

The most important of all log handling tools, the cant hook helps to roll logs over and position them for cutting and yarding. With two opposing hooks, cant hooks grab and hold logs better than peaveys. The longer the handle, the larger the log you can maneuver. The bright blue aluminum handle is stronger and lighter than wooden handles.


Peavey by Logrite

48” Handle
60” Handle

Similar to a cant hook, the Peavey has a point on the end instead of a hook to help pry logs apart. The point can also be stuck in the ground, enabling the peavey to be used as a visual marker to aim at while felling trees. The bright blue aluminum handle is stronger and lighter than wooden handles.


Hookaroon by Logrite


Originally designed to help position floating logs to form a raft, the hookaroon is a back saving tool for pulling firewood out of the back of a truck. Rather than standing in the bed grabbing rounds at your feet, stand upright on the ground and pull them out with the hookaroon. The 36” handle enables you to grab those pieces stuck behind the tire wells from either side of the bed. The bright blue aluminum handle is stronger and lighter than wooden handles.

Log Stand

Log Stand by Logrite


The log stand is an invaluable firewood cutting tool that connects to either the cant hook or peavey. By getting the log off the ground, a round can be cleanly sliced off the end without danger of dulling the chain in the dirt. Also helps to reduce the potential for chainsaw kickback.

Log Carrier

Log Carrier by Logrite


The log carrier is a two person tool for skidding logs by hand. The 54” handle enables each person to walk comfortably without running into the log. The bright blue aluminum handle is stronger and lighter than wooden handles.

Handle diameter is 1.75" and 54" long. It will grip a 16" diameter log. Weight lifted depends on your backs, so be careful!

BTS Hauler by Logrite

BTS Hauler by Logrite

log119 Ships from manufacturer

This all-in-one hauler can be converted from heavy-duty hand truck to brush cart and back. The hand truck's ergonomic handle system allows you to lift logs, barrels or anything large and bulky easily and comfortably. As a brush cart, it features 1500 lb load limit and 46 cubic feet of space. No tools are needed to convert the hand truck into the brush cart. Just pull the 4 hitch pins to convert or to break it down to fit into your truck tool box or trunk. The unit is so compact it can ship by ground carriers to your door. And the best part - both the hand truck and brush hauler fit through a 36 inch gate!

Oversized item - extra shipping will apply. In the continental US, flat-rate shipping of $35 will apply; for Hawaii/Alaska or International shipping rates, please contact us for an exact quote.

Log Arch Junior

Log Arch Junior by Logrite

log107 Ships from Manufacturer

This is a special-order item. If out of stock, please allow an extra 5-10 days for delivery.

The Logrite Junior log arch is capable of moving logs from 4”to 16”in diameter up to 1000 lb. and can freely suspend logs up to 16'. By attaching the arch just beyond midpoint of the log, the entire log weight is placed on the wheels, making moving and turning easy to do. 33”extension handle is available to add reach for use on longer logs.

Arch width: 30”, Arch Height: 31”, Arch Length: 68”, Arch Weight: 60 lb., Tire Size: 16”outside diameter

Oversized item, extra shipping will apply. This item ships directly from the manufacturer.

Replacement Handle Grip for Logrite Tools

Replacement Handle Grip for Logrite Tools


Replacement foam grip for peavey, cant hook or hookaroon handles.

Poly mesh brush tarps

8’ x 8’ Brush Tarp


Mesh tarp made of woven UV resistant PVC-coated polyester. Six handles make it great for loading up and transporting brush. Works will for lightweight to rugged materials and handles great even in extreme conditions. Resists water, mildew, and rot, excellent durability.

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