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These hatchets serve a variety of purposes, from tree-work to camping, hunting and fishing.

1.75 lb Camp Hatchet - 14” Handle


3.5 lb Wedge Hatchet

3.5 lb Wedge Hatchet


This hatchet is really the same axe as the 5 lb faller’s axe, but with a lighter 3.5 lb head and a 20” handle. This shorted size makes it absolutely awesome for pounding wedges with the back side, or making quick work of branches in close quarters.

Handmade Forestry Axes

Gränsfors Bruks Mini Hatchet


A perfect mini-hatchet for quick, small cuts, camping, and general utility. Backpacker’s dream.

Silky Ono

Silky Ono


The Ono is a compact hatchet which brings Silky quality to a powerful chopping tool. 4.7" blade, weighs 1.75 lb. Case included.

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