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Sterling WorkPro Static Kernmantle 1/2”

WorkPro Static Kernmantle 1/2” High Tenacity Polyster (WorkPro) Static Rope; High Tenacity Polyster (WorkPro) Static Rope; WorkPro Static Kernmantle 1/2”
Sterling WorkPro Static Kernmantle 1/2” image Sterling WorkPro Static Kernmantle 1/2”

Buy Sterling WorkPro Static Kernmantle Rope

12.5mm x 150'
12.5mm x 200'
12.5mm x 300'
12.5mm x 600'
By the Foot

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12.5mm (1/2”) • kernmantle • 10,565 MBS • 3% elongation at 300 lb • 7.4 lb per 100'

New 12.5mm kernmantle from Sterling for SRT! This line has the abrasion resistance of HTP with the softer hand and energy absorbtion that nylon provides. Stays round and works well in hardware that will accept 1/2” line. NFPA rating G and EN 1891. Excellent choice for single rope/work-positioning systems.


Video Overview of Sterling WorkPro Static Rope by Niceguydave

  • Excellent entry line
  • Very low-stretch
  • Tight cover works great with ascenders
Manufacturer : Sterling Rope
Country of Manufacture : U.S.A.
Diameter (inches / mm) : 1/2” / 12.5mm
Minimum Strength : 10,565 lb
Construction : Kernmantle
Material : Nylon Core & Polyester Cover
Weight per 100’ / 100m : 7.4 lb / 8.3 kg
Elastic Elongation : 3% at 300#
Hand Spliceable : No
Sewn Spliceable : No


  • CE
  • NFPA 1983, 2012

ANSI Z133-2017

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has released the ANSI Z133 safety requirements which apply to arboricultural operations.

Arborist Climbing Ropes are required to have a minimum breaking strength of 5,400 lb (24 kN) when new, and should be no smaller than 1/2” (12.7mm) unless the employee has been trained in the use of smaller line (down to 1/2” / 12.5mm), and the line's working elongation should not exceed 7% at 540 lb load.

WorkPro 1/2” meets ANSI Z133-2017 standards, so long as the user has been trained in the use of smaller diameter lines.

The full ANSI Z133 safety requirements are available on our tree care standards page.

Customer Reviews

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Rated: Disappointing Review by: Ryan

“I bought this rope for summer climbing with no gloves - larger diameter for holding better in theory. However it does not work well in various hardware: My CMI foot ascender and SAKA ascender scuffed it up pretty badly in a few spots, likely due to the teeth grabbing more aggressively on the thicker rope. It also does not work well through a rope wrench. I weigh 201 pounds and the rope will not slide through the wrench unless I am more or less at no rope angle with full weight on the line. A limb walk of any angle and I have to either thrust my weight into the line to get the wrench to engage or i have to grab the wrench itself to get slack while moving. Some times, if you're balancing precariously going out on a limb and put too much weight into your line, that amount of slack will tend and it can throw you off balance unexpectedly.

There's something to be said for less friction on the hitch overall since a lot of it gets stuck in the wrench, but...overall it is a pretty non ideal situation, especially since I am probably on the heavier spectrum for climbers. I would not recommend this line if you weigh less than I do.

It looks nice though, and the semi-static overall offers a fair amount of stability while climbing. I will not buy this line again, unfortunately.”

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