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Stiffline Throw Line by FTC

Stiffline Throw Line by FTC Stiffline Throw Line by FTC
Stiffline Throw Line by FTC image Stiffline Throw Line by FTC

Buy Stiffline Throw Line by FTC

1.6mm x 60m (197')
1.6mm x 80m (262')

Stiffline is a super-smooth, lighteight, and strong nylon-core throw line. This line is perfect for high and difficult throws. The nylon core gives it a certain stiffness, so it will not coil as much as other lines, and it helps throwing further. Requires very careful handling. Very long lifespan.

Stiffline is made from a very solid material - we recommend undoing the throwbags after each unsuccessful throw since the line is hard to break without the breaking fuse point.


Customer Reviews

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Rated: Good Review by: Richie Jamison

“Very impressive for long shots. I've been using the FTC throwline for a few months now. It takes some getting used to, as it has a stiffer hand than Dynaglide and Zing-It. For most throws below 70', I would rather use Dynaglide, but FTC for anything over 80'. Not only is it stiff and slick for running over branches, but the construction helps it fly about 20% higher with the same weight. It seems to like a lighter weight for more reach as well. It's a bit pricey, and harder on your hands, so I will use it for the initial throw and isolating the tie in, then switch to Dynaglide for pulling the larger line up. If you need to install a lot of high lines, this is a big help. Not worth it in my opinion for shorter climbs.”

Rated: Excellent Review by:Tarzan

“Very slick and snag free. Easy to set up and doesn't tangle easily after a missed throw.”

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