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DynaGlide Throw Line

DynaGlide Throw Line 150' DynaGlide Throw Line 200' DynaGlide 12-strand Dyneema SK75Line DynaGlide Deluxe Throw Line Kit
DynaGlide Throw Line image DynaGlide Throw Line

Buy DynaGlide Throw Line

150' (Green)
200' (Orange)
1,000' (Orange)

DynaGlide Throw Deluxe Line Kits

150' Kit
200' Kit

Kit comes with your choice of 150' or 200' of DynaGlide 1.8mm line, one 10 oz and one 12 oz throw weight, and WesSpur folding throw line cube.

Our strongest throw line is Teufelberger Ropes' DynaGlide, a highly visible snag free throw line made from 100% Dyneema SK75 that is pre-stretched and tensile-set then treated with a vinyl coating. Compact design glides easily over branches allowing lighter throw weights.

THR118, THR119, THR140
  • High strength
  • Low stretch
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Glides easily through foliage
Manufacturer : Teufelberger Ropes
Made in : U.S.A.
Diameter (inches / mm) : 1/16” / 1.8mm
Average Strength : 1,000 lb / 454 kg
Construction : 12-strand
Weight per 100’ / 100m : 0.2 lb / .3 kg
Elastic Elongation : 4% at 10% ABS
Hand Spliceable : Yes
Sewn Spliceable : no


DynaGlide is constructed from Dyneema in a 12-strand braid. This strong fiber has many benefits in an arborist throw line.

Sunlight/UV: Very little degradation from sunlight. Can be used outside over long term if inspected regularly.

Chemicals: Dyneema SK75 has good resistance to most minerals, organics, acids, and weak alkalines. Dyneema SK75 also has excellent resistance to bleaches and other oxidizing agents and to most solvents.

Heat: Dyneema SK75 melts at 300F with progressive strength loss above 150F.

Dielectrics: Good resistance to the passage of electrical current. However, dirt, surface contaminants, water entrapment, and the like can significantly affect dielectric properties. Extreme caution should be exercised any time a rope is in the proximity of live circuits.

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Rated: Excellent Review by: Joe

“Love it compared to the Zing-it line. Glides over branches well with a 14oz weight and it works with a shoulder canon. ”

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