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Clogger Zero Mk II Chainsaw Trouser

Clogger Zero MK II Clogger Zero MK II Clogger Zero MK II Clogger Zero MK II Clogger Zero MK II Clogger Zero MK II Clogger Zero Mk II in Action
Clogger Zero Mk II in Action Clogger Zero Mk II Chainsaw Trouser

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These premium chainsaw trousers are cool, light, and durable. Get great pant-style chainsaw protection without overheating yourself in the warmer climates or during Summer work. Well-suited to wear underneath rain gear without being too warm or bulky. Weight has been shaved off of these "Zero" trousers without sacrificing safety. The outer fabric has been upgraded to a stronger material with a rip-stop weave. They weigh in at less than 1kg (only 2.2 lbs!) but are still fully-certified.

  • XS fits 29.5-31" waist; 33" length
  • SM fits 32-34" waist; 33.5" length
  • MD fits 34-36" waist; 34" length
  • LG fits 36.6-38.6" waist; 34.4" length
  • XL fits 39-41" waist; 34.8" length
  • XXL fits 41.3-43.3" waist; 34.8" length

The A-style pant gives you frontal protection where it is most needed, and has large cooling vents that are bigger in the back to allow body heat to escape faster. Outer fabric is specially engineered to move moisture away from the skin, and 4-way stretch fabric gives you greater flexibility and range of movement. Extra abrasion resistance is worked into the fabric from the knee down to keep your high-wear areas from wearing out too fast. There is also a new, high-strength fabric reinforcement on the rear back to stop all the little tears caused by saw teeth when hanging the saw on the harness. The extra-long length gives even more freedom of movement while you are stretching along a limb or when using spurs.

Pockets are placed on the thigh to give easy access to necessary items even when you're already in your harness; zippered pockets keep your small items safe, and distinctive zipper pulls make accessing your pockets easy even when wearing gloves. Extra pockets and convenient cell phone pocket gives you more places to store and organize necessities when on the job. Pockets can now each be turned inside out, to empty saw chips, dust, etc. before washing.

The Clogger MK II is the same great, breathable and cool protection, with increased durability.

Clogger Zero Chainsaw Trousers
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent stopping power
  • Comfortable, high-performance


  • Manufacturer: Clogger
  • Made in: New Zealand
  • Weight: About 2.2 lb

From Clogger's Blog

The new Zero – What’s new?

For many months we’ve been working on this new product, getting all the feedback we could on the first generation of the Zero and thinking how we could improve the new one. We tested multiple fabrics to make sure this model would be more durable and sent the new Zero to some arborist to trial. The main objective for them was to be tough with the trousers and to put it under real work life pressure. It passed every test they could think of. And voilà. The new Zero is now on the shelf!

But before getting it, you might wonder: what’s new about the Zero? How will it practically help me in my job? How will it make my life easier?

The new Zero keeps the key features that made it famous: lightweight and highly breathable. If you’re working in a warm and dry/humid environment, it’s key for you to wear trousers that will facilitate your movements. Your gear shouldn’t be a constraint; it should help you to be faster. And safer! If you haven’t read our article on the impact of heat on your productivity, I advise to have a look at it.

We’ve upgraded the outer fabric to an even stronger material, and we’ve added a ripstop weave. This makes the warp resistance 1.5 times stronger! No need to worry about tears and rips. You told us you wanted trousers that would last. We heard you.

The fabric is stronger but the flexibility stays the same. The new Zero embraces your movements. You are able to stretch, climb and jump freely.

We also heard some complaints from partners, tired of finding sawdust in their washing machines. Even Shonaugh, one of our Clogger R&D team, whose partner is an arborist, has had enough! So, we decided to redesign the pocket bags. Now each pocket can be turned inside out separately, so no more excuses. N.B: We disclaim all responsibilities if the saw dust is removed from the pockets inside the house.

We won’t play the game of Find the Differences, but can you find one on the leg of the trousers? Yes, you’re right. The abrasion resistant fabric is different on the right leg! We placed a super high strength fabric on the rear back. It’s specially designed to stop all the little tears caused by the chainsaw teeth, when hanging off the harness. If you usually put your chainsaw on the left side, you can always request a custom-made trouser. Just send us an email and we’ll organize it for you!

Last but not least. And it is a pretty obvious one. The new Zero has these vibrant green-coloured flashes, matching with green colour of the Zero logo. You want to look nice on the trees and on the ground. With these new trousers we bet you will!


  • Australia and New Zealand: Certified by Bureau Veritas NZ Ltd to AS/NZS4453.3:1997.
  • USA: Certified by U/L to ASTM F1897-14.
  • Canada: Certified by U/L to BNQ 1923-450-1. They also meet the Worksafe BC Standard as set out in OHSR Section 8-21 (2)

ANSI Z133-2017

Chainsaw protection is required when operating the saw in the tree or on the ground.

The full ANSI Z133 safety requirements are available on our tree care standards page.

Customer Reviews

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Rated: Good Review by: Dan

“I returned them after trying them on. Build quality, design, etc. all look amazing. I ordered the size based on the size chart. I wear a 32x32, I'm ~5-10 and 175 to 180 lb. I ordered a small. They fit amazing except for my butt. That left nothing to the imagination. It did feel comfortable but was quite tight. If I reorder I'll likely try the medium. I wish I was closer to a place where I could try them on. Product seems amazing though. The return process at WesSpur was as expected, very easy. ”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Brian

“These are my first pair of chainsaw pants. I live in PA and it's been 85 to 90 degrees out for the last couple of days with really high humidity. I was really apprehensive about trying these things in such hot weather, but they were absolutely wonderful!!! Don't hesitate, just get them. The vents in the back of the legs actually move air all around your legs while you're working. They really are cool and comfortable, even in dripping hot, humid weather. I wore them in the rain today and still they are comfortable. I don't know how they wil hold up over the long term, as my primary concern was that thy would be too hot to wear. I'm always nervous about lots of various material types being sewn together for something that has the be as the tough as this, just to make it look cool. However, I ordered a set of green scaffell lites and these pants match it, paired with a high vis green shirt, my ten year old boy said, "wow Daddy, you look more professional than August Hunike"! So if just buying these pants puts you in the same sentence as August Hunike, then it's well worth the investment!”

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