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SwedePro 6-ply Chainsaw Chaps

SwedePro Chaps - Full-Wrap SwedePro Chaps - Full-Wrap SwedePro Chaps - Apron Style
SwedePro 6-ply Chainsaw Chaps image

SwedePro 6-ply Chainsaw Chaps

Buy SwedePro 6-ply Chainsaw Chaps

Full-Wrap Style

32” Overall Length
36” Overall Length
40” Overall Length

Apron Style

32” Overall Length
36” Overall Length
40” Overall Length

SwedePro chaps are designed with 6 layers of protective Avertic/Engtex protective material covered by a durable, water & oil-resistant nylon. Chainsaw chaps can prevent or reduce the severity of an injury in the case of accidental contact with the saw chain - the saw chain pulls the protective fibers which quickly jam the saw and keep the chain from cutting further.

Full-wrap chaps provide protection around the back of the lower legs. This added protection covers areas commonly injured when running a chainsaw on the ground.

Apron-style chaps protect front of legs only.

Swedepro chaps have improved fitting with snug buckles to keep them securely in place. Machine washable, dryer safe.

The leg protection in Swedepro chaps meets the ASTM standard for chainsaw safety, OSHA and ANSI Z133 requirements, and are Classified by UL. Made in the U.S.A.


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