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TreeRex Triple Lock by Edelrid

TreeRex Arborist Harness by Edelrid TreeRex Arborist Harness by Edelrid TreeRex Arborist Harness by Edelrid TreeRex Arborist Harness by Edelrid SRT Bridge Option (included) TreeRex Bungee Chest Harness (sold separately)
TreeRex Triple Lock by Edelrid image

TreeRex Triple Lock Arborist Harness

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Size 1
Size 2


Bungee Chest Harness
TreeRex Bungee Harness image

TreeRex Bungee Chest Harness also works with other harnesses.

Replacement Parts

SRT Bridge

The TreeRex Triple Lock is a versatile harness which adapts to any climbing style. The rope bridge can be configured as a single, double, fixed or adjustable connection point. Every TreeRex comes with the optional SRT BRIDGE for safe and comfortable working on single ropes. Wide, semi-rigid leg pads deliver great comfort while suspended and breathe well. All buckles are triple lock and all load-bearing straps have red indicator tape for easy inspection.

The TreeRex has 4 large gear loops, which are rigid and squared for easy racking and organizing of tools. Two slots for saw/tool carriers on each side, an EN 358 rated eyelet for hanging a chainsaw, and spot for your emergency compress / first aid kit round it out.

    Waist Sizing:
  • SZ 1: 27" to 43"
  • SZ 2: 33" to 48"

Notice regarding Triple Lock Buckles

    TreeRex Bridge Features:
  1. Lateral fastening eyelets can also be adjusted under load thanks to a smart adjustment mechanism for an optimum working position in the tree
  2. Rope bridge set: Set of color-coded ropes, cords and a cambium ring for a variety of rope bridge configurations
  3. The supplied prusik makes it possible to build a length-adjustable rope bridge
  4. Adjustable SRT bridge (extends the TREEREX with a central tie-in point)
TreeRex Bridge Features


    Configure the TreeRex in bridge in multiple ways:
  1. TREEREX with one adjustable and one fixed rope bridge and integrated SRT bridge
  2. TREEREX with one adjustable and one fixed rope bridge
  3. TREEREX with a fixed rope bridge and integrated SRT bridge
  4. TREEREX with integrated SRT bridge
TreeRex Bridge Options


Triple Lock Buckles

TreeRex Bridge Options


All load-bearing straps are made from indicator tape (red fibers become visible in the event of damage) plus the leg loop straps are equipped with a textile abrasion protector made of Dyneemaģ to prevent premature wear.

Wear Indicators



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Customer Reviews

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Rated: Excellent Review by: Marc P

“creativity offer a huge range of options as far as bridge set ups go, letting you run a simple single bridge to multiple, adjustable length bridges all due to a completely redesigned set of lower D rings.

What I also have enjoyed is the semi rigid leg pads. They support your legs very well while also not being bulky or cumbersome like similar styled leg pads on the kolibri Multislide (a Pennsylvania climbing harness staple)

The back is also well thought out. Itís not bulky or intrusive like many other harnesses on the market, and itís also very well ventilated. Instead of throwing a bunch of extra material into the back pad and calling it a day (like teufelbergers upgraded treemotion back pad) they have thought out where the padding is needed most, and where ventilation is also needed the most

At this point Iíve done two large removals spanning 16 hours of climbing time in it and Iím very happy. I really canít think of anything Iíd change on the harness, except maybe include a few more of the string and buckle gear retainers. Iíd love to use one for my lanyard bag storage as well as my chainsaw stow away. Iíve since made my own using dynaglide throw line and some plastic tubing which works well enough. ”

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