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Tree Austria 3.2

Tree Austria 3.2 view 1 Tree Austria 3.2 Add-On Harness Tree Austria 3.2 view 1 Tree Austria 3.2 view 1 Tree Austria 3.2 view 1
Tree Austria 3.2 Harness image Tree Austria 3.2 Harness

Buy Tree Austria 3.2 Saddle

Size 3

Tree Austria Chest Harness

Tree Austria Batten Seat with Clips

Size 1
Size 2

Replacement Parts

30cm Bridge
Replacement Shackle
3 ml Shackle Thread Glue

Replacement parts for the Tree Austria 3.2 saddle. Replacement shackles sold individually. Shackle thread glue sold in 3 ml bottle, to be administered to threads of shackle bolt before installation.

The Tree Austria 3.2 is the latest development in one of our most popular climbing harnesses. Important developments are the improved leg pads with ergonomically-designed shapes and thicker padding, adjustable rise, and rated webbing loops on the bridge shackles. These improvements on an already great design make this a harness you can trust to get you into the treetops in comfort.

The Tree Austria 3.2 is fully-adjustable in the waist, leg loops, and hip and leg straps. Quick-release snaps on the leg loops and waist belts are easy to operate yet secure. The sliding bridge is a sturdy webbing bridge with large aluminum ring.

Weighs about 3.9 lb.

Add-on chest harness, batten seat and replacement parts are available on the “Add-Ons” tab above.

Add-on chest harness for the Tree Austria fits all sizes. Comes supplied with slings to attach clips to main belt. (Shoulder harness does NOT connect to black loops on belt!

Click for pic

Add-on Batten Seat for the Tree Austria 3 and 3.2 (Pic) available with receiving seat clips/adapters (SAD535) in one complete package.

The side-straps on the Tree Austria are not rated for hanging a chainsaw. If you are going to hang a chainsaw on your harness, use the rated straps in the middle of the back. You will get better ergonomics this way, and won't tear the harness stitching.


Waist Sizing:

  • Size 1 71-80cm (28” - 32”)
  • Size 2 81-90cm (32” - 36”)
  • Size 3 91-101cm (36” - 40”)


  • Individual, Padded Leg Loops
  • Webbing Bridge with Ring
  • Replaceable Bridge
  • Large D Rings
  • Quick-Connect Buckles on Waist Belt and Leg Loops
  • Multiple Gear Attachment Points
  • Add-on Chest Harness Available
  • Add-on Batten Seat Available
  • Chest Harness and Batten Seat can be Added in Seconds

Customer Reviews

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Rated: Excellent Review by: jpg

“This is a fantastic saddle. I climbed on a Tree Motion Lite for 3 years until it was stolen. Not entirely happy with it, I decided to try the 3.2. These two saddles are about the same price, and weigh about the same. Yet the Tree Austria is by far the better value in build quality, features, and ruggedness. The 3.2 has quick release leg straps, a broader range of waist fitment per size, and a cleaner gear attachment system than the TreeMotion. I like the mass of the 3.2's back band and the web bridge was a nice surprise- I had never climbed with one and much prefer it over a rope bridge. (If you are a rope bridge die hard, you can easily change them out). The Tree Austria 3.2 is an under rated saddle IMO and well worth considering. Every time I put it on I smile. It fits like a glove.”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Very Good Tree Service

“This saddle is very comfortable and easy to adjust with all the gear you ever need up in the trees. It's an intelligent design by obvious tree folks.”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Justin

“I was topping a large maple tree when it unexpectedly split and barber-chaired on me. I was towered off of a nearby second tree connected from belay loop. The maple split so fast i was unable to unclip my flip line. I was being squeezed to point of passing out when the harness properly failed at extreme pressure before i was killed. The best part was the belay loop i was towered on, was independently connected to my leg loops. so when my belt failed (as needed) the belay was still connected to my leg loops which kept me suspended in the air instead of falling to my likely death.

I owe my life to the genius design, engineering and production quality of this harness.”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Johnny OldCrow

“After chewing on buying a harness for about a year I finally decided to buy the Tree Austria 3.2. I have always used a Weaver leather double D bridge and it is a solid saddle, but not comfortable in the least. After putting the 3.2 on loaded with gear I was in love. Weight is distributed sweetly on this harness and feels like nothing on the hips. Suspension from the lanyard d's was comfortable and unobtrusive on the hip bones. Hanging from the webbing bridge was comfortable and free of inner thigh pinching, due largely to the generous cushion surface area created by the triangular leg pads. The gear loops are nice, though there is not really any great spot for my Kong paddle carabiners and I miss the saw hanger and ring on my Weaver saddle.

After chunking down a large hemlock with a 562 hanging from the harness and feeling how nice the weight sat on my hips I was sold on this buddy. The adjustment straps are pretty stubborn and fitting the saddle can be trying, but the fit is terrific once dialed in. I'm not sure how much I trust the "rated for life support" webbing loops on the bridge shackles, but they don't figure into my climbing style anyway. All in all this is a great saddle and well worth the price.”

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