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New Tribe Onyx Tree Harness

Onyx Tree Harness from New Tribe Onyx Tree Harness with Rope Bridge Webbing Bridge Conversion Kit Rope Bridge Conversion Kit Add-on Leg Padding
New Tribe Onyx Tree Harness image New Tribe Onyx Tree Harness

Buy New Tribe Onyx Tree Harness with Rope Bridge

This item has been discontinued.

Add-on Pads

Leg Pads

New Tribe's Onyx harness takes a new approach to a professional arborist harness. New Tribe has built pro and recreation tree climbing harnesses for decades, and that experience has culminated in the Onyx.

The Onyx is a compact harness that provides support by improving the construction and design of the harness so the weight is distributed more evenly, thanks to the unique webbing pattern on the leg loops. The hang point on the Onyx is fully-adjustable, with adjustment on the waist to rigging plates, rigging plates to leg loops, and from the back of the harness to the leg loops. The harness provides comfort without added bulk.

WesSpur stocks the Onyx with rigging plates and rope bridge, and the harness is also available with a webbing bridge. Conversion kits are available to convert the harness between the two.

The Onyx weighs under 5 pounds and is designed for professional use.

Onyx harness sizing: Size 1 (waist 26” to 37”), Size 2 (waist 35” to 46”).

SAD549, SAD552


Onyx Saddle Sizing

  • Size 1 (waist 26” to 37”)
  • Size 2 (waist 35” to 46”)
  • 4 gear loops
  • 4 tool slots
  • 4 carabiner loops
  • 2 large tool loops
  • 1 large, removable gear loop at back
  • 1 rear rescue loop
  • 3 aluminum rings
  • 2 accessory rings for suspenders (optional)
Manufacturer : New Tribe
Made in : U.S.A.
Weight : 4 lb 13 oz
Fall Arrest : No
Floating Bridge : Yes
Swing Seat : No
Tool Suspenders : Yes (optional)
Spurless / Sport : Yes
SRT : Yes

ANSI Z133-2017

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has released the ANSI Z133 safety requirements which apply to arboricultural operations.

This item is ANSI compliant.

The full ANSI Z133 safety requirements are available on our tree care standards page.

Customer Reviews

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Employee Review by: Niceguydave

“The folks at New Tribe put this harness into production early last Fall. I have been using one for a while now and can say that Casey did an excellent job. The Onyx comes in two versions, a rope bridge model and a sewn webbing bridge version. The rope bridge is tied in with the waist belt and leg loops with SMC rigging plates, giving options for maintaining an overhead tie in. The Webbing bridge is connected with stainless steel Bow shackles. The padding on the waist is thin, but comfortable. The leg "loops" come unpadded with Velcro inside to add optional padding. I find that the pads are only need for extended hang time.

There are plenty of loops and slots for arranging equipment on the harness for work. The large stiff webbing loop that runs across the rear of the belt can be removed, though it is very hand for racking rigging gear. Two things that are unique about this harness is the rear legs strap floats thru a ring attached at the center of the waist on the back, also running thru a loop on that rear riser is a strap that runs across the rear, which helps distribute the climbers weight with the waistbelt and leg loops. The ISC quick connect buckles work smoothly, there is adjustable rise from the bridge to the waist and a large aluminum ISC rigging ring. Overall I really like this harness it is light, very compact making it perfect for road trips and flights. There is plenty of support and being a New Tribe product it is of the highest quality.

They have done an excellent job creating a US made professional user harness. This is an excellent pick for the production arborist, consultant, and guide who want a high quality, adjustable and comfortable harness.”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Rich Jamison

“The Onyx harness is very comfortable. It took a little seat time to get it adjusted, so it wouldn't be good for multiple users. Once set up though, everything felt right. My last New Tribe harness was a Progear II. The Onyx is a huge step up in comfort and features. The leg straps are very unique without any padding and an extra but strap. I removed the large rear gear loop, and have the rope and rigging plate bridge. The price may be a little too high for a beginner, but I climb most every day, so it will be worth it. Overall great harness. ”

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