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ErgoLite Spartan Tree Harness

Buckingham ErgoLite Spartan  ErgoLite Spartan Back View
ErgoLite Spartan Tree Harness image ErgoLite Spartan Tree Harness

Buy ErgoLite Spartan Tree Harness

Modeled after Buckingham's popular Ergovation saddle, the Spartan is a modified ErgoLite constructed out of heavy-duty materials and features a fully-adjustable waist, legs and suspension bridge. This lightweight saddle weighs in at only 5.3 lb and features a comfortable, breathable waist belt and leg loops, lightweight aluminum work-positioning D rings, second set of D rings that allow the bridge to articulate, quick-adjust strapping, 6 large accessory loops, easily-replaceable bridge, and front buckle closure that allows for easier on/off while wearing spikes. Fully-adjustable waist, legs and bridge.


Saddle Sizing

  • Small: 28-32”
  • Medium: 32-36”
  • Large: 36-40”
  • XL: 40-44”
  • Ergonomic
  • Weighs only 5.3 lb
  • Comfortable
  • Streamlined
  • Work-ready
Manufacturer : Buckingham
Made in : USA
Weight : 5 lb. 4 oz (MD)
Fall Arrest : No
Floating Bridge : Yes
Swing Seat : No
Tool Suspenders : No
Spurless / Sport : Yes
SRT : Yes

ANSI Z133-2017

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has released the ANSI Z133 safety requirements which apply to arboricultural operations.

The ErgoLite Spartan is ANSI compliant.

The full ANSI Z133 safety requirements are available on our tree care standards page.

Customer Reviews

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Rated: Excellent Review by: Kyle

“Very comfortable saddle once you get it adjusted it feels like a pillow around your waist, and the rigging plates and easy replaceable to bridge is always a plus. I got the Spartan to replace my Buckingham double floating D's and the Spartan has surpassed all my expectations. Only thing I could think to say to beware about when buying is that it runs big compared to my old saddles sizing. I give it 4.25 stars out of 5. ”

Rated: Excellent Review by: RMc

“Been production climbing in this saddle 5 days a week now for 2 months. It's an ergolite with rigging plates and a rope bridge, that simple. Nice and light, stays adjusted, buckles on waist and legs for easy on and off, lots of loops and webbing slots for gear, carry-tools etc. I climbed with an ergovation for 5 years and much prefer this one. This beats the regular Ergolite in my opinion because of the plates and rope bridge. I swapped out my ring for a dmm bat rigging plate in 30 seconds, not sure how you would do that with a "warp speed" bridge. Wesspur price matched when I bought the saddle and always has great service. If you're considering this saddle but are unsure because of the lack of reviews, I definitely recommend it. Ive been climbing since '08 if that means anything, so I've had a lot of saddle time over the years and the spartan does everything I want in a saddle at a decent price. Thanks wesspur.”

Rated: Good Review by: thestarvingarborist

“ After training on an old Buckingham harness with a bosun's chair it took a bit of getting used to the feeling of the leg loops while hanging in the tree. That being said, I've now had this harness for about 2 years and do not regret the decision at all, especially as I progress and incorporate more dynamic movements into my climbing. I bought it for the pricepoint, as it accomplishes many of the things a more expensive harness might do but in a less expensive pakage. If you can't fit all your gear on the provided loops, you are likely carrying more gear than you need - or - are a serious contract climber who will probably not be using an intermediate harness anyways. I would recommend this as a first saddle to anyone looking for just that. Once this wears out I will probably get a different kind but this was a perfect stepping stone for me. By the way, it is showing almost no signs of wear so far, besides replacing the bridge a few times. My ONLY complaint is that the ring provided for the bridge is a bit small. If you don't run a hitch climber puller or use the blake's hitch, it can be a little work fitting two carabiners in there plus the rope bridge. Cheers.”

Rated: Good Review by: OSUClimber

“I have had the Ergolite Spartan for about 1yr now. I really like this harness, for the money as well as the functionality of the harness. Very well padded and wide in the lumbar area, with the leg straps they are nice and wide. It has held up very good in the "abuse category". The bridge is also a key component for me, in this one it is very easy to replace. Over all I would have no problem recommending this harness to anyone. ”

Rated: Disappointing Review by: 10910w

“This is a fixed feature harness.
* post-purchase fall protection addon isn't available (as of Dec 15, 2014).
* works well for scenarios that the ErogLite Spartan product manager envisioned with zero relevant post-purchase modifications available.
* Very few details and documents exist for this harness
* Too many sizes (S, M, L, XL).
* opinion to potential buyers: don't buy this harness. Find either a higher or lower priced harness that's better known in the climbing community.

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