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Buckingham Viking Tree Harness

Comfort, function, & Value Viking Tree Saddle Side View Viking Tree Saddle Rear View Viking Tree Saddle Front View Viking D Rings
Buckingham Viking Tree Harness image Buckingham Viking Tree Harness

Buy Buckingham Viking Tree Climbing Harness

$307 SAD124X


Tool Suspenders

Viking Replacement Bridges

Large - XL

The Buckingham Viking tree climber's harness is a tree saddle WesSpur worked with Buckingham to develop. The Viking is an affordable and dependable rope-bridge harness from the people you trust the most to build rock-solid tree gear. The Viking has a simple, uncluttered design with good geometry that transfer weight to the legs instead of the hips and lower back, and excellent padding on the leg loops. Well-padded with Drilex lining to dry faster wick moisture away, this saddle packs a lot of comfort and features at an excellent value. The saddle has snaps in all the right places for your saws, gear, and a carabiner loop on either side for a large carabiner to hold your saw.

We recommend the Viking to those who want a full-featured, reliable work saddle at a great price. This is an excellent saddle for Tree Care Company employees, who are at their most efficient and safest when working comfortably so that their full attention is on the job.


Buckingham Saddle Sizing

  • Small: 28-32”
  • Medium: 32-36”
  • Large: 36-40”
  • XL: 40-44”
  • Simply great value for the price
  • Warp Speed bridge
  • Thick, Drilex-lined padding
  • Quick-connect leg buckles
  • Snaps, rings in all the right places
  • Ds won't lay back
  • Dependable, USA construction
  • Good for spur or rope climbing
Manufacturer : Buckingham
Made in : USA
Weight : 5.3 lb (MD)
Floating Bridge : Yes
Swing Seat : No
Tool Suspenders : Optional
Spurless / Sport : Yes

Saddle Sizing

  • Small: 28-32”
  • Medium: 32-36”
  • Large: 36-40”
  • XL: 40-44”

ANSI Z133-2017

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has released the ANSI Z133 safety requirements which apply to arboricultural operations.

The Viking Tree Harness is ANSI compliant.

The full ANSI Z133 safety requirements are available on our tree care standards page.

Customer Reviews

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Rated: OK Review by: Patrick B

“Overall this saddle has served me well, but here are a few critiques I hope others will find helpful:

Most of my weight sits on the outside of my hips instead of being spread between the hips/low back, so I am usually a bit sore/chafed on the outside of my hips after 3+ hours in a tree.

The D-rings do not attach to the leg loops. This means that when my weight is applied vertically to my lanyard the belt rides up my torso and under my ribs, which is quite uncomfortable. The D rings/lanyard are not uncomfortable when horizontal weight is applied as during chunking. I ended up tying the d-rings to my leg loops with some spare webbing and that has made it *waaay* more comfortable during long days in the trees.

The plastic-coated gear loops on the sides are flimsy - they are more flimsy than the gear loops on my ultra-lightweight mountaineering harness. They twist and turn like a snake in heat. When I have gear hooked there (esp a pole saw), the carabiner tends to get all twisted up in the loop and it's a pain to unhook it. I've reinforced my gear loops with wire and tape, but it was kind of a pain.

If you plan to buy this saddle, I would recommend shoving a few oval carabiners through the belt to hang heavy/awkward gear from (i.e. chain saw, pole saw) instead of using the provided attachment points. The saddle will function as provided, but imho it needs a bit of sprucing up to avoid frustration and time-consuming adjustments.”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Conrad

“ Just a great value on this harness! It's tough and comfy too. I wish it had more then just the two gear loops but not a huge deal. Love this harness. I've been climbing in it for a a few years now (only part time) but it still looks brand new. ”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Tom - Pensacola, FL

“I bought this harness as a back-up to a much more expensive one, especially when the southern pines get virtually coated in sap near the tops and it gets all over equipment. After a month of using it, it's now my everyday saddle. It's VERY comfortable and every adjustment on it is easy with no fighting straps or tight buckles. Amazing the amount of gear that can be attached to this harness and it's obvious the placement was well thought out. I prefer a low bridge and this one is exactly where I like them. Excellent job on this one WesSpur and Buckingham! I'd recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a harness fully capable of the demands of work or rec climbing. It's not a top line rig, but it does everything you need it to and at a really terriffic price point. ”

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