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Aztek Elite System

Aztek Elite System Setting the Aztek Elite on an Anchor Aztek Progress Capture Prusik Excellent as Part of a Rescue Kit  Aztek System is Compact and Easy to Pack  Swivels on the Aztek Block
Aztek Elite System image Aztek Elite System

Buy Aztek Elite Mechanical Advantage System

Aztek Elite System

Aztek Elite Replacement Parts

Prusik (Dark)
Prusik (Light)
8mm x 50' Rope
Pulley Quick Pin
Sterling Bag

The AZTEK elite system utilizes sewn cord products to create a mechanical advantage system. System contains 50' of rope, two AZTEK Omni pulleys, 2 x 6mm sewn ratchets, and 2 Sterling SafeD carabiners. The AZTEK is contained in a compact hip-carry pouch.

Creates either a 5:1 mechanical advantage or a 4:1 with a change of direction. Applications include lifting downed limbs, rescue, and more.

  • 4:1 or 5:1 advantage
  • Compact system
  • Swivel-blocks for optimum positioning
  • Assembly instructions included
Manufacturer, Textile Elements : Sterling Rope
Manufacturer, Aztek Blocks : Rock Exotica
Made in : U.S.A.

For expert use only.

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