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Keanu Trolley by DMM

Keanu Trolley by DMM
Keanu Trolley by DMM image

Keanu Trolley by DMM

Buy Keanu Trolley by DMM


Keanu Trolley Parts

Pip Pin

Compact trolley for highline rigging and rescue operations. The Keanu is your solution for precision, speed and efficiency in your reeve. Multiple sheaves incorporated within fixed side plates ensure you won�t forget critical rigging components, and makes it easier to quickly lift and move loads with precision.

Keanu is lighter and smaller than highline assemblies configured using multiple components. Series redundancy can be configured with the addition of pulleys and lines via quick release locking pins. Two Keanu trolleys can be bolted together to create parallel redundancy. All components are replaceable.

These trolleys are ideal for rescue teams, arborists and theatre riggers.

  • Preconfigured for efficient highline reeves
  • Void inside plates allow pulley to retreat within trolley profile for efficient lateral movement
  • All sheaves fitted with efficient ball bearings
  • Eliminates the inefficiencies of pivoting carabiners and pulleys of traditional highline reeves
  • Quick connection to control and backup lines
  • All components replaceable
  • Fast conversion to series and parallel redundancy
  • Dimensions 220 x 250 x 40mm
  • Weighs 1698g
  • Max rope diameter 13mm
  • MBS 50kN
  • WLL 10kN
  • Certification EN12278:2007

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