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Predator Camo Climbing Rope

 New Camo Rope From Samson: PREDATOR PREDATOR is Spliceable PREDATOR in 150' Length  Samson Predator Predator in Nature
Predator Rope image Predator Rope

Buy Predator

$81 - $246 ROP1PR

Predator Rope by the Foot

By the foot

*Hand-spliced eyes not available in lengths shorter than 12'.

Leave instructions for which splices go with which ropes in the 'comments' field during checkout, along with the sizes for any custom size eyes, and any instructions for thimbles, rope snaps, or other hardware to add to the splice. (Hardware must also be present in your cart to add it to the splice.)

11.4mm (7/16”) • 24-strand • 6,000 lb ABS • 3% elongation at 10% ABS • 6.7 lb per 100' • spliceable

Camouflaged double-braid climbing line at 11.4mm from Samson. This is an excellent climbing line that will work with your favorite hitch cords and climbing hardware, but allows you to keep a low profile in the tree. Perfect for rec climbs, hunting, canopy research, and any other climbing where high visibility of the line is not desirable.

Predator Lanyard

Predator Lanyard - Tight Eye to 5" Eye

$47 - $55 fli210M

Positioning lanyards with one tight eye and one 5” eye. Made from Predator camo climbing rope. Use with a suitable prusik and carabiner for positioning in the tree.

Predator Lanyard

Predator Lanyard - Rope Clip

$69 - $73 FLI212M

Positioning lanyard with a double-locking rope clip. The clip is anodised black for low visibility, and requires two motions to open. Use with suitable prusik for adjustment.

Predator Split Tail - 5” Eye

Predator Split Tail - 5” Eye


5' long split tail with 5" eye. Suitable for use on Predator climbing rope. Use with a suitable climbing knot to climb in an open system.

Camo Eye to Eye Prusik

Camo Eye to Eye Prusik

9mm x 28”

This eye to eye prusik can be used with suitable carabiner to tie a friction hitch on your climbing rope or positioning lanyard.



Brk Str : 5,400 lb (24 kN) • Height : 4.375” • Width : 2.5” • Weight : 2.85 oz • Gate : .93” (key lock)

RockO is a classic oval shape with a metal, pull-down gate. Made in the U.S.A.

Video Overview by Niceguydave.

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