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Atlas Rigging Kit

Atlas Rigging Kit ISC 5/8” Aluminum Spring BlockBuckingham Large Nickle Plated Port-a-Wrap II X-Large WesSpur Rope Bag
Atlas Rigging Kit image Atlas Rigging Kit

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Atlas kit is built around Nylon-core Atlas Rope for more energy-absorption when there is less room to let the rope run. 250 of rigging line is ample for rigging trees up to 90. This is an excellent go-to rigging kit.

  • Higher energy-absorption rope
  • 250 Atlas rope
    Kit Contents:
  • 5/8" x 2-6' Loopie Sling (SLI403) - 1,692 lb WLL
  • ISC 5/8" Aluminum Spring Block (PUL217) - 3,800 lb WLL
  • 250' Atlas 9/16" (AT9125) - 1,300 lb WLL
  • Large Nickle-plated Port-a-Wrap III (RIG114) - 2,000 lb WLL
  • 5/8" x 18' Tenex TEC Eye Sling (SLI207) 1,598 lb WLL
  • WesSpur XL Rope Bag (BAG111)

These Rigging Kits are complete set-ups for negative block rigging or rigging with a high line angle. The Standard Rigging Kit starts with the highest-quality ropes and hardware. Other kits switch out elements for specific purposes.

Our rigging kits are fully customizable! Contact us to switch out any item in your kit - you'll keep the kit savings and get exactly the gear you want!

The forces involved in negative blocking can be extreme. Always use gear within the manufacturer-supplied load limits.

The article below is excerpted from the WesSpur catalog. You can read additional informational articles in our information section here: WesSpur info pages.

Negative Blocking in Tree Rigging from WesSpur catalog

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