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WesSpur Rigging Kit Plus

WesSpur Rigging Kit Plus ISC MD Spring Block Buckingham Large Nickle Plated Port-a-Wrap II Large WesSpur Rope Bag
WesSpur Rigging Kit Plus image WesSpur Rigging Kit Plus

Buy WesSpur Rigging Kit Plus


Tackle bigger jobs with the Rigging Kit Plus. Ropes, blocks, and sling shave all been up-sized. This kit is an incredible value vs. buying the gear piecemeal!

  • Step up in size & strength
  • 150 of rope
    Your kit will contain:
  • 3/4" Loopie Sling (SLI404) - 1,692 lb WLL
  • ISC 5/8" Medium Rigging Block (PUL217) - 3,800 lb WLL
  • 150' Stable Braid 5/8" (SB1215) - 1,630 lb WLL
  • Large Nickle-plated Port-a-Wrap III (RIG114) - 2,000 lb WLL
  • 5/8" x 18' Tenex Sling (SLI217) -1,598 lb WLL
  • Large Rope Bag (BAG103)

These Rigging Kits are complete set-ups for negative block rigging or rigging with a high line angle. The Standard Rigging Kit starts with the highest-quality ropes and hardware. Other kits switch out elements for specific purposes.

Our rigging kits are fully customizable! Contact us to switch out any item in your kit - you'll keep the kit savings and get exactly the gear you want!

The forces involved in negative blocking can be extreme. A resource such as the Samson Log Impact Force Calculator (Rigging Wheel) can be a great aid in understanding the forces generated, and keeping your system within the working load limits of your gear.

The article below is excerpted from the WesSpur catalog. You can read additional informational articles in our information section here: WesSpur info pages.

Negative Blocking in Tree Rigging from WesSpur catalog

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