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2-in-1 Maxi-Flip Wire-Core Fliplines

steel core flipline image steel core flipline image
Maxi-Flip Wire Core Fliplines image

2-in-1 Maxi-Flip Wire-Core Fliplines

Maxi-Flip 2-in-1 Wire-Core Fliplines

1/2" x 12'
1/2" x 15'
5/8" x 12'
5/8" x 15'
steel core flipline image

2-in-1 Maxi-Flip Flipline Only.

2-in-1 Flipline Kit with Swiva-Eye Prusik

1/2" x 12' Kit
1/2" x 15' Kit
5/8" x 12' Kit
5/8" x 15' Kit
steel core flipline image

Adjusts with a 3/8 Tenex prusik with SwivaEye (Double-locking carabiner with built-in swivel).

Yale’s Maxi-Flip fliplines are the best-manufactured steel core fliplines available, with Flemish eye splices in the cable instead of swagged eyes. This increases the strength and wear-life of the flipline. Adjusts with a 3/8” Tenex prusik spliced onto the new Rock Exotica SwivaEye Double-locking carabiner with built-in swivel. The swivel makes using this as a 2-in-1 smooth and easy. This kit comes with the Maxi-Flip double snap flipline and SwivaEye hip prusik. Made in the USA.

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