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Jubi Throw Line Cube v2 by Treezers

Jubi Throw Line Cube Black Jubi Throw Line Cube Orange Jubi Throw Line Cube Navy Jubi Throw Line Cube Pink Jubi Internal Organziers Jubi Folded Flat Jubi Throw Line Cube v2 by Treezers
Jubi Throw Line Cube v2 by Treezers image

Jubi Throw Line Cube v2 by Treezers

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The Jubi V2 features improved workmanship with sturdy 600D nylon fabric and stiffer rods. The Jubi was already super popular, and this version is even bettter. The Jubi throw line cube makes storing and deploying your throw line a breeze. Jubi cubes have reinforced edges and corners for increased rigidity. The battens in the edges are nice and burly, and this cube won't collapse when tipped in the wind.


Jubi cubes have all the features you want to manage your throw line: - two handles, 2 nylon d-rings inside for attaching lines, 2 interior pockets for weights, and 2 fabric loops at the corners for easy opening.

The Jubi cube stands out with four great colors and a spot in the corner to write your name with a sharpie, so there's no gear mix-ups at work or the climbing comp.

  • Improved materials and workmanship
  • Two inner pockets with lids store your throw weights
  • 2 nylon d-rings
  • 2 fabric loops for opening easily
  • Water repellant treatment
  • 15" cube
  • Won't collapse in wind
  • Reinforced corners and edges
  • Place to mark owner name
  • Weighs about 500g

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