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WesSpur Rope Bags

Small Rope Bag Still Fits Standard Clibing Lines The Medium Bag is our Most Popular Large Bag Stows an Incredible Amount of Rope XL Bag has Side Pockets for Slings and Other Gear Each Bag Has a Drawstring Top and Steel Ring Each Bag Has a Drawstring Top and Steel Ring
WesSpur Rope Bags image WesSpur Rope Bags

Buy WesSpur Rope Bags

Small - 150' of 1/2"
Medium - 200' of 1/2"
Large - 300' of 1/2"
XL - 500'+ of 1/2"

Stiff-walled, heavy-duty Cordura rope bags feature drawstring tops, steel ring for easy attachment, and come in a variety of colors. The best way to eliminate the headache of tangled rope and protect your line. Our rope bags are stiff-walled and tough, and can fit a surprising amount of rope!

WesSpur rope bags have been the unsung heroes of many difficult jobs. We've worked with tree workers to make bags that stand up to the rigors of tree work and have the features climbers need. The stiff walls make for an easy-loading bag. Drawstring top keeps it all closed and neat. Heavy-duty Cordura and reinforced bottoms and webbing handles for long life make these bags you can rely on.

Bag dimensions:

  • Small: 38" circumference, 12" tall with 7" drawstring top
  • Medium: 38" circumference, 15" tall with 7" drawstring top
  • Large: 38" circumference, 24" tall with 7" drawstring top
  • XL: 51" circumference, 21" tall with 9" drawstring top, vinyl bottom


  • Stiff Walls
  • Easy-loading
  • Reinforced sides & bottom
  • Drawstring top
  • Steel ring
  • Choice of color & size

Protect Your Climbing Rope: Your Life Depends On It!

You can make your investment last longer by taking care of your rope. Storing it in a rope bag will save you time spent untangling it, and protect it from accidental contact with saws, spurs, or other tree gear when stored. Using a friction saver or rope saver will reduce the friction and abrasion applied while climbing. Climbing ropes can also be washed using a non-detergent soap and wash bag to remove pitch, dirt, and grime.

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