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ISC D4 Pro Work & Rescue Descender

ISC D4 Pro Work/Rescue Descender ISC D4 Pro Work/Rescue Descender ISC D4 Pro Work/Rescue Descender ISC D4 Pro Work/Rescue Descender
ISC D4 Pro Work/Rescue Descender image ISC D4 Pro Work & Rescue Descenders

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D4 Pro

Feedback gathered from highly qualified and experienced 'Pro' users highlighted a demand for a device which does not incorporate a panic-brake function. Enter the D4PRO! The D4PRO Descender is the same great Work/Rescue Descender, but without the panic brake.

This can be particularly useful on longer descents and in rescue/belay applications, where a broader 'sweet spot' is welcomed.

D4 PRO Details: WLL 529 lb (240 kg), weighs 24 oz, and works with ropes from 10.5mm to 11mm (7/16”).

  • 360° handle rotation
  • Suitable for 2-man rescue
  • No Plastic in handle!
  • Clear handle positions
  • Simplified operation
  • 5 kN slip load
  • Max user weight 529 lb (240kg)
Manufacturer : ISC
Made in : Wales
Min Rope Diameter (inches / mm) : 3/8” / 10.5mm
Max Rope Diameter (inches / mm) : 7/16” / 11.5mm
Working Load Limit : 529 lb (240 kg)
Construction : Aluminum body & handle, stainless steel cam
Weight : 24 oz / 676 g


  • EN12841
  • NFPA 1983

NOTE: As the D4PRO does not incorporate a panic-brake, it is not possible for the device to fully meet the criteria of ANSI Standards. The D4PRO is fully certified to EN 12841 (a panic brake is not a compulsory criteria of this standard).

If you require a Descender which fully meets ANSI standards, please see RP880 D4 Work/Rescue Descender, (with incorporated panic-brake).

ISC D4 Pro Work/Rescue Descender Files

ISC D5 Work/Rescue Descender Files

Customer Reviews

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Rated: Review by: Eric Forsman

“I have been climbing on stationary rope systems for nearly 50 years and have climbed with many different kinds of rappel devices, including rappel racks, rescue 8's, and mechanicals such as the Petzl RIG and ID. A little over a year ago I purchased an ISC D4 Pro from WesSpur and after just one trip up and down the rope I was hooked. The D4 Pro is so much smoother and easier to operate than any of the other devices I have tried, that there is just no comparison. In addition, it is rated for two person rescues, which is really important if you spend a lot of time teaching students how to do pick-off rescues on single rope. In addition, the bigger mass of the D4 Pro dissipates heat better than smaller rappel devices. Since I bought the D4 Pro it has become my favorite device for long descents and pick-off rescues on stationary rope. If you decide to get one, pay attention when you order because there are two versions (D4 and D4 Pro). The D4 comes with a built-in panic device that locks if you pull too hard on the handle. The D4 Pro does not have the panic device.

“Eric Forsman, US Forest Service Tree Climbing Instructor”

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