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Quick Step Foot Ascender

Quick Step Foot Ascender from Climbing Technology Quick Step Right Foot Ascender Reinforced Foot Strap Low Profile Design Quick and Secure Adjustment Quick Step Left Foot Ascender Left Quick Step Foot Ascender
Quick Step Foot Ascender image Quick Step Foot Ascender

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An easy-to-install foot ascender with fully-adjustable webbing reinforced on the bottom with tubular webbing. This foot ascender from Climbing Technologies is quickly becoming a favorite foot ascender for tree climbers due to its mid-sized, lightweight design and the fact that it keeps a good grip on the rope without kicking out.

The Quick Step is balanced to avoid twisting, and adjusts quickly and securing with a set of rings providing friction to maintain the adjusted length, and a release tab so that it can be quickly removed. This foot ascender can be removed from the line with a simple, backwards motion.

The Quick Step ascender has an aluminum body, 1/2" capacity, and is a nice mid-size between the Petzl Pantin & CMI foot ascenders, with a low-profile design that weighs only 6.95 oz.

Choose between right foot (orange) and left foot (gray)

Right ‑ ASC185 & Left ‑ ASC186

CT Foot Ascender overview by Niceguydave

  • Compact
  • Easy to secure on rope
  • Easy to remove
Manufacturer : Climbing Technology
Made in : Italy
Dimensions : 3.2” x ”2.6 /83 x 65mm
Min Rope Capacity : 5.16” /8mm
Max Rope Capacity : 1.2” /13mm
Weight : 6.95 oz / 197 g

Climbing Technologies Quick Step Foot Ascender Data Sheet

Quick Step Data Sheet - PDF File 2 MB


  • CE

Safety Note

A foot ascender is not considered PPE, fall-arrest, or a life-support connection. Any climbing system must have a secured connection from the climber to the line.

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