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SpiderJack 2.1 with Dyneema Kit (Dyneema Strap)

SpiderJack 2.1 with Dyneema Kit (carabiner & rope sold separately) SpiderJack 2.1 with Dyneema Kit Always verify that the ring of the Dyneema Kit is connected onto your carabiner before use.
SpiderJack 2.1 with Dyneema Kit image SpiderJack 2.1 with Dyneema Kit

Buy SpiderJack 2.1 with Dyneema Kit

This item has been discontinued.

Replacement Parts

Dyneema Kit
Replacement Clutch
Release Lever

The popular SpiderJack 2.1 from ART (Advanced Ropeclimbing Technology) is now available with the mounted Dyneema Kit. The Dyneema sling is attached on the body of the device with a lower ring to be attached onto the carabiner (before climbing, always verify that the ring of the Dyneema Kit is connected onto your carabiner!). On the other end of the sling, you can attach a carabiner for the spliced end of your rope. The Dyneema Kit allows you to change the climbing system much more easily than before when climbing with more than one rope and anchor point. User manual included. Carabiners and rope sold separately.

Works with 7/16” - 1/2” rope.

  • Smooth friction
  • Precision control
  • Ascend in DdRT
  • Descend in DdRT
  • Easy advancement
Manufacturer : ART
Made in : Germany
Min Rope Size : 7/16” (11mm)
Max Rope Size : 1/2” (13mm)
Weighs : 9.6 oz (292 g)


  • CE EN 358

Safe Usage Tips

  • Using the SpiderJack requires wearing a harness with a low attachment point. The lower the SpiderJack is attached, the longer are the arm pull movements.
  • The SpiderJack has no panic-function! Therefore it is necessary to follow user instructions especially in the learning phase!
  • We need to inform you about a potential operating error with the Dyneema-Kit on the SpiderJack 2.1. Recently, a climber had not clipped the stainless steel ring of the Dyneema-Sling into his lower Carabiner by mistake. That way he hung with half of his weight on the little screw (15 in the manual) which fixes the guiding flange (#16) of the Dyneema-sling. Luckily the screw didn't fail; the climber noticed that something was wrong when the flange became loose slowly. The only duty of the guiding flange is to keep the Dyneema-sling in place on the SpiderJack The load has to be taken by the lower Carabiner of course. There is no danger when the Dyneema-Kit is used correctly; with the ring clipped into the climbers central Carabiner!

To avoid such operating errors in the future, we ask you to have a careful look at the attached diagram, which is also a part of the users manual of the SpiderJack 2.1.

SpiderJack safety usage image

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