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Friction and Rope Saving Devices

Friction savers protect your climbing rope and the tree from damage caused by the rope running over a limb. They reduce friction for an easier climb on moving ropes. Every moving rope system needs a friction saving device at the suspension point.

ART Snakeanchor

8’ / 2.5m Snakeanchor
16’ / 5m Snakeanchor

ART (Advanced Ropeclimbing Technology) Snakeanchor works as an upper anchor (false crotch or friction saver) or a lower anchor for your SRT climbing. The Snakeanchor is made from doubled cord which stitched together with openings every 2.7 inch so that a carabiner can be inserted at any point along the length, making it adjustable based on which point you use. ART has used doubled 8mm cord to give the Snakeanchor a wider surface area for better grip and abrasion resistance. An aluminum ring protects the eye at one end. WLL on the Snakeanchor is 2 kN. Available in 8' or 16' lengths.

Adjustable Friction Saver

Adjustable Friction Saver

4' with RIT Prusik
8' with RIT Prusik
12' with RIT Prusik

This adjustable ring and ring friction saver allows you to tackle anything up to its full length, thanks to the included RIT prusik. Makes friction saver. Made from 1/2" Samson Stable Braid with 40mm DMM aluminum ring on one end and RIT prusik with SMC aluminum ring.

AFS (Adjustable Friction Saver) - Vortex

16' Saver with Rig Pulley
16' Saver Only (no prusiks)
15" Prusik w/Rig Pulley

This item can be built to order within 48 hours if out of stock.

An easier to use Adjustable False Saver (AFS) which improves upon the principles in the Pulleysaver. The steel ring allows the AFS to be easily retrieved in all circumstances, as the ring can't collapse and bind when weighted. All components available separately.

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Bicolor Cambiumsaver by Edelrid

Bicolor Cambiumsaver by Edelrid

3' (90cm)
4' (120cm)
5' (150cm)

Developed specially for tree care use, the Cambiumsaver is a mobile sling anchor and belay anchor for climbing ropes. Its differently colored aluminum rings and dual-coloured webbing allow quick and easy identification for straightforward rigging and removal from the ground.

Eject Friction Saver by Petzl

Eject Friction Saver

The Petzl EJECT friction saver offers multiple setup configurations on one or two branches, with precise length adjustment. Its high-efficiency pulley facilitates rope glide at the anchor. Includes a retrieval ball for easy recovery from the ground. Prevents damage to the tree and allows setup even in narrow forks.

fimblSAVER by Teufelberger

1.25m fimblSAVER
2m fimblSAVER

The fimblSAVER is essentially a ring and ring friction saver with a few unique advantages. The fimblSAVER has a 17cm wide surface that is better for protecting bark. The steel thimbles provide an excellent surface for your climbing line to run through, and one being on a prusik makes the fimblSAVER quickly and easily adjustable in length. Can be set and retrieved from the ground like any ring and ring saver, and includes retrieval ball.

Herbol Friction Saver by CAMP

90cm / 35"
120cm / 47"

A soft anchor system designed to create anchor points from tree branches. CAMP built this strap hold up to the rigors of tree work and protect the tree. Color-coded anodized rings allow you to install and retrieve this friction saver with throw line and weight. Two lengths available to accommodate the trees in your area.

Limitless Crown Anchor


The Limitless Crown Anchor anchor combines the attributes of the Flintlocker and an Adjustable Friction Saver. This allows a multitude of anchoring options. One key aspect of the Limitless Crown Anchor is the ability to have an access line in the tree for rescue, in addition to a working line. This is one of the most well thought out pieces of kit to come down the trail in a long time.

The Limitless Crown Anchor was conceived by Jake Riggs, in Southeast Pennsylvania.

pulleySAVER by Teufelberger

Ball w/cord
equaLIZA Link

The pulleySAVER is a system for saving friction on ropes, which can be used in many configurations and greatly aids working the tree. The attachment as anchor point on a tree can be implemented in four different configurations, depending on the specific application: as swinging element in a double leg configuration, as chock hitch, wound around in a double leg configuration, or narrowed in a double leg configuration. Easily retrieved from the ground. The equalLIZA link (sold separately) is a short sewn rope on a DMM ring meant to be used as an equalizing link if the pulleySAVER is used on two anchor points.

Ring and Ring Friction Saver - Aluminum Rings

24” / 2’ Friction Saver
36” / 3’ Friction Saver
48” / 4’ Friction Saver
60” / 5’ Friction Saver
72” / 6’ Friction Saver

Protect your ropes and the tree you are climbing. The classic Ring and Ring saver can be installed and retreived from the ground. The rings of different sizes offer a rope-friendly surface for your climbing rope, and help you install and retrieve it.

Buckingham Ring and Ring friction savers are durable and long-lasting. Built from reinforced and stitched nylon webbing, with choice of aluminum or steel rings. Aluminum rings are lighter but more abrasive.

Note: Buckingham updated the appearance of their Friction Savers in 2021. Some customers may still receive the yellow friction savers.

Click here for Buckingham friction saver installation instructions.

5,000 lb tensile strength. Made in the U.S.A.

Ring and Ring Friction Savers - Steel Rings

24” / 2’ Friction Saver
36” / 3’ Friction Saver
48” / 4’ Friction Saver
60” / 5’ Friction Saver
72” / 6’ Friction Saver

Buckingham Ring and Ring savers wtih steel rings funtion just like those above, but have rings greater strenght, durability, and weight.

Note: Buckingham updated the appearance of their Friction Savers in 2021. Some customers may still receive the yellow friction savers.

Click here for Buckingham friction saver installation instructions.

5,000 lb tensile strength. Made in the U.S.A.

Friction Saver Prusik

Ring and Ring Friction Saver Prusik


Made from 3/8” Tenex, the Friction Saver Prusik will make any Friction Saver adjustable in size. Colors may vary.

Friction Saver Retrieval Key

Ring and Ring Friction Saver Retrieval Key


The Friction Saver Retrieval Key is used to easily retrieve your friction saver from the ground. The retrieval ring passes through the larger ring (red side) and catches the smaller ring (green side) to release the friction saver. 6 1/4" long, ring is 1 1/8" wide.

Retrieval Balls

Retrieval Ball with Cord

Retrieval Ball for ART Devices
Retrieval Ball for Ring & Ring Savers
DMM Small Retrieval Cone
DMM Large Retrieval Cone

Various small devices for attaching to your climb line to aid in retrieving your friction saver. These will pass through the large ring and catch on the small ring to retrieve your saver.

DMM retrieval cones are the optimum shape for safely retrieving Teufelberger climbing aids. The Yellow (small) is ideal for the pulleySAVER, and the red cone works with all other Teufelberger products.

R.I.N.G. Friction Saver

R.I.N.G. Friction Saver

8' R.I.N.G. Saver Kit
12' R.I.N.G. Saver Kit
8' R.I.N.G. Saver Only
12' R.I.N.G. Saver Only

Super-durable friction savers made from Yale's R.I.N.G. (Red is No-Go) rope. The Technora jacket provides a super-durable friction saver that adjusts easily with the prusik included in the kits. These durable friction savers have added ease of inspection thanks to the red core in R.I.N.G. rope. If you see red, you know the rope jacket has been compromised.

Wire Strop by Petzl

100cm (39")

The Petzl WIRE STROP is an anchor strap made of 6.5 mm diameter galvanized steel with two terminations of different sizes. It offers multiple configurations for setting up an anchor: directly to an anchor point or around a suitable structure. The plastic sleeve helps keep the connector in position and facilitates clipping. 23 kN rating.

ART Rope Guide 2010

Rope Guide 2010 with Cocoon by ART

5’ Ropeguide
cli225 Special Order Item
10’ Ropeguide
cli218 Special Order Item

Smooth rope work and special care for the cambium join forces in this outstanding device. The Rope Guide 2010 is very light, and ropes run effortlessly in it. The Rope Guide must be set by hand, but may be retrieved remotely (this is greatly aided with the Double Snapper). The new ring is 50% lighter than a solid ring and still achieves comparable stability as well as much enhanced safety. The rope now runs protected within the tube-shaped ring - and it might sound strange but it is true: the rope enhances the breaking strength of the ring and vice versa! The contact surface is 8 mm parallel sewn double rope makes which combines the strength and advantages of rope with a wider contact surface.

Right behind the tube shaped ring there is now a small "fender" built in. The fender allows for the ring to align vertically when pulled from a forked branch, which makes for an easy gliding even through smaller forks. Release lever: The longer lever now allows for an easy release of the locking cam when pulled, as with the Positioner 2. This makes retrieving even easier and more reliable. Spring loaded cam: This feature prevents rope from accidental sliding.

Click here to download the Rope Guide 2010 Instructions.

ART Ropeguide Twinline

Ropeguide TwinLine by ART

Ropeguide TwinLine
Stoppergate for ART TwinLine

The RopeGuide TwinLine are two lines: Either a short, spliced ART rope (SpliceAnchor) with open eye in different lengths (up to 4,5 m) or a long rope according to EN 1891 (10 to 12 mm diameter) without termination in any lengths can be used as anchoring rope. The short rope system is well-tried.

With the long rope system, it is now possible to install the RopeGuide from the ground very easily. With one work step two rope lines can be installed to the anchor point. It is possible to use both Single or Doubled Rope Technique for ascent.

The long anchoring rope can be used as second, fully reliable ascent rope because of the removable knot shell made of high-tensile plastic (patent pending). So it is possible for a second person to ascent at the same time as the first climber or to follow the first climber, e. g. for rescue.

Certified to EN 795 B (temporary anchor), CEN/TS 16415:2013 (can be used simultaneously by two persons ) and in accordance with EN 355:2002 (Energy absorber).

The StopperGate is nessecary for using the the RopeGuideTwinLine and RopeGuide 2010 in the SRT-Setup. It provides the trapeze to be crushed be the Cocoon. In the SRT-Setup the stationary rope is running through the Cocoon and the Trapeze. Behind an alpine butterfly knot follows, that not slips through the Cocoon and Trapeze. The StopperGate is clicked directly on the Trapeze.

The rope guide splice anchor is a 12mm, spliced rope to be used as a friction saver rope with the Ropeguide TiwnLine.

ART Double Snapper

ART Double Snapper 3


The Double Snapper is a specialized tool for use in retrieving the Rope Guide.

Petzl Treesbee

Treesbee by Petzl


Petzl’s rope-saving device protects the tree and improves rope glide at the anchor, and can be retrieved from the ground. Wide webbing limits twisting. Triple thickness of termination on large ring side makes the webbing more rigid during retrieval. Strap with large diameter ring and quick link (triangle) for ropes with sewn terminations (the link opens to let the sewn termination through). Breaking strength: 23 kN (5,175 lb.)



Climbing BuckBlocks
CLI214 Special Order Item
Rigging BuckBlocks
RIG917 Special Order Item

This is a special-order item and normally ships in 1-2 weeks if out of stock.

Designed to ease climbing, reduce premature wear on climbing lines and eliminate damage to tree limbs normally caused by excess friction! Allows the user to install the blocks high into a tree without climbing: the blocks are set, and removed, from the ground or another tree using a throw line and throw bag. Once set, the two part rope channel snaps together using powerful magnets inset within the system's self aligning frame. The design is lightweight, provides a better bend radius for rope and an improved running surface with its dual rotating sheaves.

Climbing BuckBlocks are designed to be used by an individual with a maximum weight of 350 lb. when fully equipped, Rigging Model has a manufacturer WLL of 3 Tons.

Sample picture of the BuckBlocks over a limb.

CMI Anchor 40” Sling

CMI Anchor 40” Sling


CMI Anchor Sling is a simple, versatile, and adjustable sling that you can trust. Made from heavy duty nylon webbing with stitched pockets for an easy and safe connection. Created by a climber for climbers. Original design by Gerry Garcia.

Canopy Anchor Sling - Use it as a false crotch redirect in a choking configuration to tie into that perfect place where a natural crotch isn't available. With the same sewn pockets as the larger anchors, it gives you the option to pick your right length with no knots. You can also add a carabiner to a pocket or your favorite pulley to create a low friction cambium saver in a cradle or choked off limb. This sling will quickly become a go to on your saddle.

Pocket Strength: 2,000lb • Overall Strength: 10,000lb • Stainless Steel Ring rated: 10,000lb.

Rope Sleeve

Dan House Rope Sleeves

3/4” Inner Diameter x 30”
3/4” Inner Diameter x 60”

Constructed from flexible metal conduit covered in heavy vinyl. Slick metal interior drastically reduces friction and rope wear, while the jacket grabs the bark to keep the Rope Sleeve in place. An orange band at the halfway point helps center the rope sleeve over the limb. These rugged rope sleeves are easily mended with vinyl tape, and come with a two-year replacement warranty. To install the sleeve over the limb you hoist it up while on your climbing rope with a slippery hitch. Once positioned and centered you pull and pop the slippery hitch out. Minimum safe bend diameter is 6" for the 3/4" ID (inner diameter) sleeve.

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Leather Cambium Saver

Leather Cambium Saver


Protects the bark of the tree from contact with the rope and the rope from abrasion on the tree. This device has the advantage of being inexpensive and simple to install in the tree, but puts more friction on the line than Ring and Ring or Ring and Pulley friction savers.

1/2" Saver has an opening 1” in diameter

3/4" Saver has an opening 1 1/4" in diameter

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