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Sterling Rope Work Positioning Lanyards

Sterling Rope makes the impressive cut-resistant TriTech rope which WesSpur has fashioned into durable fliplines with an added measure of safety. The Ultimate Positioning lanyard is a long lanyard with multiple RIT prusiks and attachments which open up possibilities for the advanced climber.

WesSpur Fliplines from Sterling TriTech Cut-Resistant Rope

10’ Flipline
12’ Flipline
15’ Flipline

WesSpur's cut-resistant fliplines are made from Sterling’s 11 mm (7/16") TriTech. TriTech rope is designed with an abrasion-resistant Technora sheath, high-strength and cut-resistant Dyneema inner jacket, and a pliable nylon core. The TriTech lanyard is strong and rugged, yet still supple enough to move and position easily. As a rope alternative to a wire-core line, TriTech offers a measure of cut-resistance. Aluminum snap - Sewn eye - Folded & stitched tail.

Also available with mechanical adjuster and carabiner on our rope flipline kits page.

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